Why People Go Hunting Game?4 min read

Why do men hunt? Some people would give you straight and tangible answers while others really don’t understand why hunting attracts them so. There are many reasons people go hunting with any one of them enough to satisfy your inquest. But for the most part, hunting is metaphysical. It is something that many of us don’t understand and unable to explain, but this article will attempt to shed light on what drives us to hunt.

Why People Go Hunting Game?
Why People Go Hunting Game?

Hunting for Food

People always hunted for as far back as history recorded. It was a permanent part of our ancestor’s way of life. Hunting the animals in their environment played an essential role in their survival. Hunting is not merely a way to find meat for these people but a skill that taught them many lessons, such as how to fend for themselves, make weapons and use every bit of their kill to ensure their survival.

To this age, people hunt for many reasons, most of the time for tangibles such as meat and trophies. Hunting for meat is the most common reason. Most of the hunters you will encounter claim they are in the woods hunting for prime meat. Many of you, however, can easily discern that this is most often a standard alibi they give to kill the first deer that comes along their way. Still, you will find some real meat hunters out there.

These are hunters who are great at judging wild meat with the patience and experience in choosing the best meat. These are meat hunters who are proud of the quality of their venison. Some of them are hunters who have their fair share of trophy bucks and instead hunted the game for its plump meat. If not for money selling their venison, a hunter hunts for food for a harvested wild game has minimal impact on the earth than meat conventionally raised.

In the past, hunting is not only a way to kill an animal. It also serves as a way for people to maintain what has been provided to them. Today, hunting is no longer a life-sustaining need and the reason why many groups want to take away this tradition. While this reason no longer strictly applies, there are still many other reasons why people hunt in the past that applies to why people hunt today.

An Effort to Display Status and Skill

There remain many reasons why people hunt, and it is true that not all of them can be said as well-deserved reasons. Besides hunting for meat, there is the hunting for trophy. At first look, the trophy reason is the hunter’s effort to show his status and skill. But there is a deeper reason that drives a person to go to step into the wild and go for the kill.  People hunt for the thrill of beauty and its possession.

According to critics, there is one reason why hunters outwit their game, and that is to possess beauty. It is evident when you see the trophy antlers on a hunter’s wall, which is not only a way for his take possession of beauty but also to prevent something he values from being forgotten. After all, if the trophy indeed testifies to the skill and abilities of the hunter, the denial would be no use. With this feeling, men feel the drive to hunt.

In the past, people – young and old – feel glory in recounting their tales in the wild when they stalked and took. Even today, those tales still command attention from the hunter’s peers. There are many reasons that a man hunts, but sometimes, it is quite simple. Sometimes, men hunt for the hunting itself. Many condemn trophy hunting for being unethical, saying that it is killing off the males and condemning the game stock to deterioration.

But that is far from the truth. Most of the critics of hunting fail to consider that the game has already reached his maturity and end of his days. By this time, he has done all his genetic work in supporting the wildlife populations. Moreover, the real trophy hunters condemn unethical hunting because for them, hunting an animal merely for fun without an understanding of what this was all about is no trophy at all.

Sometimes It Is Not the Possession of Beauty, but the Pursuit of It

Some people hunt not to possess beauty, but instead, it’s the pursuit of it that is their purpose. When they are absorbed in looking for the game, the hunter is spared the task to look inward in himself. When hunting, his eyes are directed outward where he becomes lost in an older, freer world. In such a way, people hunt to get out and be among nature. People go out into the wild to stalk and observe and hunt to experience freedom.

Modern Hunters Go for the Thrill of Modern Technology

In this age of modern sports hunting, one reason why people hunt is to exercise technology.  Hunting today mostly uses a new edge by employing gadgets such as shotguns, which are admittedly part of the enjoyment of hunting. One of the reasons these hunters go out there is to feel themselves shoot and witness with their own eyes the artistry and skill that goes into making their instruments for hunting.

People Hunt for Companionship

Why People Go Hunting Game?
Another strong element that drives people to hunt is the companionship it offers. For as long as history has recorded, hunters banded together based on their traditions, rituals, and taboos. Over time, the companionship and traditions that they found together have become more important than hunting itself. In many cases, the hunt only served as a bond between anticipation and recollection of your hunting days, which are your greatest pleasure. 

These are among the many motives that a hunter may come up to explain why he is doing what he does. It can be for meat, for trophies, to exercise their weapons, to relive the companionship, the pursuit, and possession of beauty or it can be a mere adventure or a way to get closer to nature. Either way, the reasons that a hunter must have cannot be readily understood by anyone.


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