5 Reason Why Hunting Should Not Be Banned?3 min read

Hunting is an exciting, educational and relaxing experience for hunters. There are claims that hunting for sports doesn’t have any beneficial results and thus, must be banned. Hunting benefits not only the hunter but the environment as well. For instance, hunting helps manage different forms of wildlife.

Without hunters, the population of animals won’t be controlled. Many breeds of animals will become overpopulated, which may result in higher inner-herd killings and severe diseases. In the wild, those that are old and weak will be targeted or may die from starvation.

5 Reason Why Hunting Should Not Be Banned?

Animals cannot feel emotions as understood by humans. They are naturally wary of other animals and humans that they see as potentially harmful to them. In fact, many of the issues that animals experience are due to their loss of this cautiousness as they’re unintentionally or intentionally tamed by humans.

Hunting actually improves the relationship between humans and the environment. It makes people love their environment. One of the reasons why some people are willing to watch as pollution and urban sprawl take their toll on the environment is because they’ve lost their connection to the land.

Hunting may not be the only way to connect people with the environment, but it’s one way. If people can hunt, they will care more about clean water, lush forests, open space, and conservation matters. Here are other reasons why hunting should not be banned.

Learn how to prepare for hunting.

Educate hunters and allow them to meet with likeminded people

Hunting is a good way to watch and study animals. Hunters will not only learn more about animals but also meet likeminded individuals. They can socialize with other hunters and shares ideas, tips and information about migration, breeding and behavior of animals.

They can use this knowledge when hunting such as knowing what animals to target during a certain season. Hunters often feel sympathy for deformed or ill animals. These animals may not live very long and may even spread diseases to other animals.

They may also pass their deformities to their offspring. This is one of the most important reasons why hunting should not be banned.

Wildlife has benefited from habitat protection and regulated hunting. Some hunters enjoy the challenge presented in outsmarting a particular species or use hunting as a way to spend some time with their family and friends. Others simply enjoy the solitude offered by hunting.

Regardless of your reason, you can celebrate when the hunting trip is successful by preparing dinner from the prey. If you’re hunting with your family, the young ones will learn more about the outdoors and develop skills that will help them later on.


5 Reason Why Hunting Should Not Be Banned?

Hunting helps people relax and enjoy something at the same time. Hunters often sit in silence and connect with nature when they are hunting. This allows them to take in their surroundings and learn more about the area around them. Those who want to become a good hunter have to know the growth rate of the crops and vegetation in the area.

They can get this knowledge through observation and conservation of the area being managed for hunting. Proper land management can help improve animal and plant life.


5 Reason Why Hunting Should Not Be Banned?

Hunting is also a good way to exercise. If you don’t want to visit the gym, you can hit the hunting grounds instead. Hunting down and trailing animals can serve as a good cardio workout. It boosts blood circulation and increases heart rate, which can help improve your health.

Lifting hunting gear can also help build bicep muscles. The thrill of scoring a game increases adrenaline, which triggers glycolysis to create more glucose.

Aside from improving your overall health, hunting also helps you develop new skills such as patience, improved focus and alertness, discipline and better time management. You won’t be all over the place or lethargic since you need to exert a lot of effort and energy into trailing animals.

Hunting also helps you develop survival skills and keeps your mind sharp. You will be better at spotting signs of danger and avoiding them.

Gather food

5 Reason Why Hunting Should Not Be Banned?

Hunting is a traditional way of gathering food, so it should not be banned. For instance, fishing provides food for many people. You may be able to buy food at affordable prices from grocery shops, but this is not possible all the time. In some countries, hunting is a tradition that they can’t do without. If hunting is banned, they’re going to lose their tradition.

Increase interest in healthy wildlife population

Hunters are interested in maintaining a healthy wildlife population. Wildlife populations in the US were severely depleted for many years and it was mostly due to market hunting.

Many states have become active since the last few centuries and included professional management in their wildlife management system. This effort has caused the populations of animals to grow at a remarkable rate. The taxes paid by hunters contribute to the funds used for wildlife management.

Hunting organizations such as Ducks Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation have contributed a lot to these projects. Strict regulations and laws have also been implemented to prevent overhunting.

5 Reason Why Hunting Should Not Be Banned?

There are unethical hunters who do this activity without regard for the environment and the laws protecting the wildlife and their habitat. However, hunting should not be banned just because of one person. It has been practiced by people since centuries and shouldn’t be stopped now.

For instance, in Australia, hunting is considered a special activity. Hunters should be allowed to give fair chase to the wildlife available in the forest. On the other hand, a properly controlled hunting system should be implemented in order to protect the animals and their habitat.

Sports hunting can also help balance the ecosystem. For instance, deer breed fast and can increase in numbers within a short period of time. This creates an imbalance in food webs and food chains as well as competition among other species. Smaller and weaker animals ultimately die, so hunting a few hundred deer yearly can benefit the ecosystem.


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