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In this article, you can learn where the best places are to start hunting before the season begins. When it comes to pursuing game, it is to know where to find a reliable spot to start the hunt that is one of the trickiest jobs to do. It is usually a lot of hassle, takes plenty of know-how, as well as money.

At the same time, where to start the hunt is one of the biggest hindrances preventing an individual from finally getting to know the sport. On that note, this blog introduces you to some of the best ways to find the perfect place to begin your hunting adventure.

Looking for a Place to Hunt

One of the best and easiest ways you can find a place to hunt is by asking your hunting buddies. You may also visit a social media group in your area of hunters and maybe go with them in their next hunt. Besides that, other options include visiting the official wildlife site of the state as well as federal refuges and reserves.

Other places where you can search for good places to hunt include checking the online classifieds such as Craiglist. While you need to look out for scams, you can sometimes find decent leases and hunts. Of course, there are also the local classified ads where you may be able to find some hunting gems. Lastly, you can use Google to do the work of finding good hunts for you.

Where to Start Hunting Game Experience?
Where to Start Hunting?

Signs to Look for When Scouting a Game

On the day of the actual hunting, you will need to start scouting for where you can find your game. The first thing to do here is to look out for signs of activity. The search for the game can be long and tiring, depending on how much land to cover. For this reason, you need to begin early. Some of the signs to look out include beat down trails through scrapes or timber.

You should also look for obvious beds in grass and leaves on side hills or ridge tops. When searching for signs, you should also consider watering holes and the current or future sources of food of your game. If you discover the feeding and traveling schedules of the anima, you can set up some trail cams. With scouting, you can figure out the different access points to potential locations.

It also helps you determined where the game is moving and how, as well as how you can get in to hunt undetected during the season. Learning how to scout is one of the essential skills to know where to hunt. When you know how to scout, you will be better able to spot where the perfect place is to start and the best way to go about hunting.

Ways to Scout Where to Hunt Your Game

There are three ways you scout for your game – on foot, aerial, and using a camera. It will greatly help you to find the place to start your hunt to use all three methods, especially in a particular order. First, use the aerial and topography maps you got to determine the ponds, creeks, stand sites, funnels, potential food sources, and access routes of the land.

Make sure to learn about the land’s overall outlay. Another tool you can use for this is Google Maps and TerraServer with maps that are frequently updated. After performing preliminary scouting of the land’s topography, the nest thing to do is to scout by foot to fine tune your observations and also to become familiar with the land.

Be sure that you have the aerial and topographic maps printed out. It will help you ensure the accuracy of where you are trailing. Furthermore, taking notes will greatly help. After the aerial and on foot scouting, the last is using trail cameras. These gadgets will help you get the specific number as well as the ratio of male and female animals living in the hunting reserve or your farm, including their travel habits

Ideal Places Where to Start Hunting and Make Your Stand

An excellent place to start the hunt is the area where the natural terrain is. These are the funnels and saddles where the concentration of the animal is encouraged as they move from places to places either in the morning or in the evening. The best place is one that is concealed but accessible. It shouldn’t disturb the herd as you enter or exit the place. When you look for places where you put your stand, you should also be critical of the wind direction to make sure that you remain undetected.

Stay at the Area Your Game Often Travels to and From

One of the most important aspects when looking for the place to start hunting is the specific areas that the game usually travels to and from, places where you can easily spot them. You would want to be in one of these areas so you can see your target, but they can’t see you. One of those places is the food plot where the animal feeds at and that place will give you a good chance for a shot. If you find a good place, then you should start setting up your stands instead of drawing your target to the stand site.

These are some of the tips to keep in mind when searching for the best places to stalk and take your game. Of course, these are only general tips as some of these may change depending on the type of animal you are pursuing. On that note, it is essential that you learn more about the animal and the terrain where you will be hunting.

Knowing these will help you make the right decision on where the best place to spot them without being seen, where to make the stand site, etc. Most of the decision involving where to start hunting depends on the kind of animal you will be chasing. When you know, you can adapt the right kind of tool and technique that will ensure you can have a great trophy hunting experience.


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