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It is legal to hunt games in many countries around the world including North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. However, most big game hunting happens in Africa. The top destinations are Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Mozambique. In Africa, big game hunting is the country’s very essence. Before discussing where hunting is legal, you are probably wondering what big game is.

Big game does not mean hunting big animals. Instead, it means hunting where you can expect huge challenges and experiences. In hunting, it is you versus nature where you step into the wild and face different quarries from around the world.

Depending on where you hunt, the prey, as well as the natural environment, varies and that makes the hunt more exciting. In this article, you can find some of the best places to go hunting and never worry because it is legal.

Countries Where Hunting is Legal

Where Hunting is Legal?
Where Hunting is Legal?


Tanzania is the hunter’s ultimate destination. The country has many game reserves and national parks, which earned its title as the “African Hunter’s Paradise.” It is legal to hunt game in the country, as in all other places included in this article.

Tanzania’s biggest hunting ground is known as the Selous Game Reserve. It is the largest reserve in the world wholly dedicated to conducting hunts.

The most popular animals hunted in the hunting parks include the Buffalo, Lion, and exotic species such as the Gerenuk, Sitatunga, and Lesser Kunduk. Besides the Selous Game Reserve, other amazing places to hunt in Tanzania include the Mkomazi Game Reserve for Rhinos, the Gombe Stream National Park, and the Monduli Mountains in Regalia. While they are not as well known, they offer a wide range of game.


Mozambique’s wilderness includes palm forests, swamplands, and thick forests. Al of these places make for ideal hunting grounds, and you can be sure that hunting in the country is legal. However, there were many cases of poaching that resulted in the dwindling population of many local game species. Fortunately, the hunting industry has now revived.

It is thanks to the government’s initiative together with the locals in promoting sustained hunting. Thanks to that, Mozambique has become one of the best hunting destinations in the world. Many hunters go on expeditions in the country to hunt Elephant, Leopard, Lion, and Cape Buffalo – popular Mozambique trophies. Other trophies you can hunt in the country include Crocodile, Nyala, Kudu, Eland, and Chobe Bushbuck.

South Africa

Hunting is seen by many as a way to get back to our ancestor’s primeval roots. But to some, hunting is a sports game, and when it comes to that, the best place to go in South Africa. If you are looking to go hunting with something extra, the country has many hunting grounds that make it a popular hunting destination. It is also the fact that South Africa is easily accessible from across the world.

Among the popular game, species to hunt in the country include the White Rhino, Nyala, Gnu, and Suni. Famous hunting reserves include the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, Kruger National Park, and Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

These are only some of the parks in South Africa that offers a wide array of big game hunting. Hunters who want a good place to have an excellent hunting experience where hunting is legal, South Africa is the place.


Montenegro is located in South-eastern Europe. The country is small, but it has a fantastic landscape that is relatively untouched. The countryside is rugged but beautiful and rich in wildlife. Some of the best hunting grounds in the country include the Crmnica, Skadarsko Jezero, Ulcinj, and Mount Durmitor. In these places, people can hunt a wide variety of bird species such as Duck, Quail, Snipe, and Turtle-Dove. Hunters can hunt others species as well as such as Bears, Wild Boars, Wolves, Rabbits, and Chamois.


Back in 1954, hunting is banned in Cambodia. But in 2019, the country finally opened to hunters from all over the world. The country opened its doors but with strict preservation of its rich wildlife. With that, the country works together with the locals to promote and ensure that their visitors can enjoy sustainable hunting.

Cambodia has a variety of game species to hunt such as Reptiles, Elephants, and Birds. You can visit the country and experience an amazing hunting adventure even with a little money to spend.


Belarus is a rich land boasting of 11, 000 lakes with around 40% of its land covered with forest. It makes the country ideal for hunting game, the most popular of which are Wild Boar, Red Deer, Elk, Roe Deer, and Wolf. The fishing game is also allowed in the country and the European Bison, their national animal, is their most exciting game for hunting.

The terrain of the country is mostly flat with marshy tracts that add to the thrill of the challenge.’

The Legality of Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting refers to hunting of game intended for human recreation. In this sport, the animal or a part of the animal serves as the trophy. After a successful hunt, the trophy is usually displayed.  Hunting usually involves large, impressively looking males such as those with huge antlers or horns.

Typically, only animal parts are kept as trophies which are often the head, skin, antlers or horns. As for the carcass, they are either donated or used for food.

The sport of trophy hunting is legal in many countries across the world. While they allow the hunting of wild game, there are restrictions, however. Each country has their restrictions put in place when it comes to the type of species permitted for hunting, where they can start the hunting, as well as what weapons are allowed for use.

In some areas of the country where hunting legalized, trophy hunting can be banned altogether.

The laws concerning trophy hunting are usually about the concern regarding endangered species. Some countries that have banned trophy hunting typically have in place strict policies to protect endangered species from extinction.

Poaching of endangered animals is particularly prevalent in some countries, which is why even countries where trophy hunting has strict laws. This way, hunters can enjoy a good hunting experience but with assured sustainability.


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