What is the Best Camera for Hunting Trips?7 min read

Are you searching for the best camera that you can use for your hunting trips? If yes, then reading this article can be your first move to find the right camera that is suitable for you to use for your hunting trips. We rank all of the best cameras for hunting trips that you would probably love. This article review is not sponsored by all the camera models listed below. The ranking of the cameras that you might like to purchase for your hunting trips are based on its quality and consideration for your opinions.

What is the Best Camera for Hunting Trips?

Since we don’t have the ideas about the features that you love in purchasing a hunting video camera, we decided to list all the best cameras that might be good for your hunting trips for as much as possible. You will now find the hunting video camera that is right and suitable to your needs and budget but remembers that all of the hunting video cameras that are presented in this article are from our VIEWS and OPINIONS, and all of these are NOT SPONSORED. (If our reviews are helpful for you. We have to earn via affiliate link.)

So are you ready to find the video camera that can satisfy all your hunting trips? Then, let us now start! Keep on reading!

Canon Vixia HF G20

What is the Best Camera for Hunting Trips?

This Canon Vixia HF G20 is a hunting camera model that is fully-equipped to satisfy all the things that you need to capture for your hunting trips in a new level and also the ability to record videos that are great and excellent. It will enable you to record your desired video with its 1080p full HD video feature, and it also comes up with its new stereo sound, meaning you will not need to buy another set of the microphone to record audios in every video of yours.

One of the great features of this Canon Vixia HF G20 model is its Canon HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor, which enables you to capture your adventure in your hunting trips even if the area is in low light. This hunting video camera model is also equipped with a 32GB memory. Because of this, it will enable you to store your photos and a 12 hours of video hunting in High Definition, but wait there’s more, the model also come up with two more card slots that will allow you to expand its memory capacity to store lots of hunting videos and photos.

Lots of people who have been already used this hunting video camera model concluded that it has a high quality performance and the image taken by this Canon Vixia HF G20 have the high quality resolution than the other hunting video camera models. But one of the disadvantages of this camera model is that it can’t record a high-speed panning in low light.

Sony HDR-CX405/B

What is the Best Camera for Hunting Trips?

This Sony HDR-CX405/B is much lighter and smaller than the first model we have been discussed earlier (Canon Vixia HF G20.) This is another model of video hunting camera that is suitable for your hunting trips due to it is easy to access and utilize. If you are a type of hunter that don’t want to carry heavier gears and accessories of cameras when you are on your hunting trips, then Sony HDR-CX405/B is the video hunting camera model that is best for you.

Sony HDR-CX405/B has a 1080p Full HD 60p resolution and also has the memory capacity of 2GB which is similar to Canon Vixia HF G20. The memory is inserted in the camera with microSDHC card. Through the use of this camera, you will be allowed to use the 60x clear image zoom and 30x optical zoom if you to capture your target closer, for instance.

The Sony HDR-CX405/B comes up with some gears and accessories, meaning you will not waste your money purchasing several gears and accessories for your video hunting camera. Your video hunting camera model kit contains holster case for your DSLR camera, charger, and a battery pack as well. You can also find in the kit a USB 2.0 cable that will help you to send your recordings and shots to your computer or laptop. This model also comes up with a 2.7 inches LCD that will allow you to see things that you want to shoot or record clearly.

Canon EOS 70D

What is the Best Camera for Hunting Trips?

Almost all of the traditional DSLR video cameras can give you the high-quality resolution of both images and videos. Thus, it is the number one choice of many people who want to have a high-quality resolution of their shots and recordings. They can give you great jobs of what you have expected to them, and if you use your DSLR camera with its right gears and accessories, you can easily access and carry your DSLR video camera.

This Canon EOS 70D is the latest and most advanced type of DSLR camera in today’s generation. It contains 20.2 MP resolutions similar to other Canon types of devices, and it also comes up with DIGIC 5+, as well as a CMOS sensor.

Another interesting feature of the Canon EOS 70D that will give to you is its 7fps shooting. It also comes up with a built-in flash and an integrated Speedlite transmitter which completed the hunting video camera model. Through this, it will allow you to capture your target footage even in low light complexions.

It also comes up with a Movie Servo AF which is considered as unique because you can’t find this feature to any other hunting video camera models rather than this one. Through the help of this new feature of the Canon EOS 70D, you can now capture your target footage comfortably and effectively. In some instances in your hunting trips, you would probably love to shoot shorter videos. Then Video Snapshot function will help you to do this. Through this, it will help you to capture 2 to 8 seconds of videos or clips.

Panasonic HC-V7770

What is the Best Camera for Hunting Trips?

With this Panasonic HC-V7770, you can now have the old fashioned “camcorder” or camera recorder. This model manufactured and created by Panasonic comes up with a 20x optical zoom that will allow you to reduce the brightness of the area you want to shoot. Plus, this new hunting video camera model by Panasonic also has the high-dynamic range feature.

One of the greatest and most excellent features of this HC-V7770 video camera model is that it will allow you to connect your device in storing videos and photos to your laptop or computer with the use of your WiFi connection. In terms of other video hunting camera models, you will need a USB cable to transfer all of your files, photos, and recordings into another device which will not happen with this HC-V7770 camera model.

Almost all of the hunters would love to have a clearer sound recording while videoing. Then this video hunting camera model is perfect for you because it will give you a high quality of sound footage. Also, the microphone attached in this video hunting camera model comes up with the unique windshield. Through this, the mic net and the microphone will enable to give you a clearer sound of the footages.

If you are a type of person who wants to have easier and faster access to video hunting camera, then this model will satisfy all your needs. It is because it has the iA Plus mode, that is used to give you an intelligent Auto. Technically, the said feature of the camera model will activate and adjust the settings to give you the work that will always vary upon your recording conditions effortless.


What is the Best Camera for Hunting Trips?

GoPro Hero5 is one of the most staple and great video hunting camera models that are commonly used during outdoor activities including your hunting trips. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this kind of video hunting camera model. The action camera of this GoPro Hero5 has 4Kvideo and the 10 MP resolutions, so there is no reason for you to hesitate to purchase this model.

The GoPro Hero5 has light weight and small size design. Thus, you can mount this camera model in many different angles using different accessories and equipment that you have a carry for your hunting trip. You can place it on your neck, attach it into your different gears or even fasten it to your harness.

This type of hunting video camera model can be used underwater. Because it is a waterproof camera model, many people who love sea adventures prefer to purchase this one. This is also considered as the best camcorder which you can carry anywhere you go. And one of its advantages is that you can shoot footage that has 12 hours duration, yet you can still record a video that has a duration lesser than 12 hours.

We all know that all of the camera models created and manufactured in this generation still have their limits. However, all of the features and functionalities of this camera model are easy to access and budget-friendly. There is a voice control feature that you can use to stop or to start capturing. Social media sharing is also a feature of this Go Pro Hero5 that will allow you to share some of your photos and videos to your social media accounts for your friends get updated about the things you posted.

For those who are hunting habits please consider using a trail camera. It’s helpful for capture a moment of animal

Buying Guide

It might be a challenging activity for some people to find the best video and photo tools and equipment during their hunting trips. It is because multiple companies manufacture and create different models of video hunting cameras that you might use. To give you the ideas that will help you to find the right video hunting camera model, the following tips listed below will surely help you.

What Type of Camera Do You Want?

This article has its main goal which is to give you help to find the right video hunting camera that will suit all your needs and wants. And how I wish you get the video hunting camera model that is right for you. I want to say to you that all of the camera models have their unique features and different designs. The most important thing that you should keep in your mind is to determine which type of camera model will suit all of your hunting trips.

Durability Matters

The durability of your camera model is essential for you. It is because you will not waste all your earned investment to buy a new camera model that will replace your old one. So, it is imperative for you to purchase the camera model that can give you its work for a more extended period. To get a longer life of camera model, then you should take a look at its materials deeply.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a device including your video hunting camera model is means a lot. You need to purchase a lightweight and small-sized video hunting camera model because you need to carry it in your different hunting trips. But unfortunately, almost all of the most excellent video hunting cameras are heavier and bigger. It is because the components it contains are made up of high-quality materials when compared to those plastic and cheap alternatives.


There are lots of adventurous people in this world. Thus, some companies have manufactured and created camera models with amazing designs and exceptional features that will satisfy the users’ needs. If you are one of the adventurous people in this world and ready to explore the deepest jungle or highest mountain, I know that finding the video hunting camera model that will give you the quality of work that you want is not easy. Thus, you need to find that one camera extensively. And through the help of the list of some of the best camera for hunting trips, it will give you an idea on what to look for in choosing the right camera model that you want.