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One cannot deny that everyone loves anything about photography particularly for most of us who also love adventure. So, we take pictures with the use of trail camera. However, you might get frustrated sometimes because of some issues of your trail camera. With that, you must be aware of these issues to avoid them on your next trail adventure. To help you with that, the following are the 9 trail camera issues that you may encounter. You can also learn about the tips to avoid these problems.

9 Trail Camera Issues And How To Avoid Them
Trail Camera Issues
  1.  Problem with the battery

It is quite frustrating when you are in your trail adventure, and the battery of your trail camera suddenly dies. As you take thousands of pictures, the battery life of your trail camera can decrease. With that, the best thing to do is to check it regularly. Even more important, you must also use a premium quality battery that can offer you long-lasting performance. There are several batteries in the market, so you must carefully select the best one that will suit your trail camera.

Some cheap batteries will not guarantee you with the best performance. With that, you must consider the quality of batteries rather than its price. Next time that you are going to buy new batteries for your trail camera, you must consider its quality. Meanwhile, there are also affordable batteries that can offer you excellent quality. To get a big return on your investment, you must prefer to buy lithium batteries. Before you buy, you must ensure that the batteries will match to your standards, budget and camera needs. If you want to avoid battery issues on your next trail project, then you can prefer to buy more expensive lithium batteries. Thus, they can preserve the long-lasting performance of your trail cameras.

  1.  SD Card Formatting

Another stressful situation is SD card formatting. Sometimes, you can observe that you can’t take photos because of the problem in your SD card. Well, to avoid this issue while you are in the middle of your adventure, it is best to format the SD card s you insert it on your personal computer. You can first save the pictures on your computer and clear your card. You can right-click the SD card and choose the ‘quick format.’ With this method, you can avoid SD formatting problems in your next adventure with your trail camera.

  1. Blank pictures

It is quite irritating when you got blank images while checking with the use of a card. It is natural that you get annoyed if the blank images eat up your SD card space, battery life, effort and time. You might lose temper if you see blank pictures while checking the card. Thus, it wastes your time and effort. This issue may be difficult to combat. So, you must have the best solution to avoid it.

Blank images have solutions. When it is wind-based, you must clear out the area on the front of your trail camera. This issue often occurs when the trail camera is in similar or CRP setting. You can clear the ground with anything which you think might help. On the other hand, blank images problem can also be caused by setting or rising sun. If this situation arises, you must face the trail camera in the North direction. You must avoid the sun to take a clearer version of your photography subject.

  1. The single branch that can cause a million pictures

One of the most annoying issues with your trail camera is when a branch falls from a limb on the top or in front of your trail camera. It swings back and forth in front of your camera until it runs out of space on your SD card. This issue can be out of your hands. There is no concrete solution for this, but some said that the prevention of its occurrence is the best thing to do. If you see dead limbs that may cause this problem, then you must immediately get rid of it. You must stay alert to keep your trail camera safe.

  1. Technology

It is a fact that trail camera is a product of technology, but technology sometimes fails. Technology can fail even you do the right things. There are still malfunctions despite the correct use of your trail camera. This issue is quite frustrating, so you must discover something to avoid this problem.

The best solution to technology problem is evolution. With the continuous evolution of technology, you can expect that trail camera will also evolve and improve its performance. Do you remember when there is 35mm film develop in the past? Well, with the modern and digital generation today, technology will continue to evolve including the trail cameras.

With the help of technology improvement, you can now directly send your photos to your phone through wireless cameras. With this remarkable achievement in the technology, you have the assurance that trail cameras will improve its functions in the next few years. In return, you can wholly depend on your trail camera’s full and long-lasting performance.

  1. Detection issues

One of the worst scenarios that you can experience with your trail camera is detection problems. In this case, you have to seek help from the professional. Your trail camera’s performance highly depends on its motion detector. Thus, if it doesn’t detect, you will never have a chance to take a picture. It is a frustrating problem especially if your trail camera relies on your motion.

Some of the alternative solutions to detection problems are resetting or customizing your motion and device settings. However, if it doesn’t work, you must immediately go to the professional who can fix the problem. You must choose a reliable technician to replace the parts of your trail camera to avoid it from being damaged.

  1. Incorrect SD Card

Another possible trail camera problem is the wrong SD card. Before you go to your adventure with your trail camera, you must first check if you use the right SD card. There are some instances that you can put the wrong SD card in your trail camera which leads to its poor performance. In some cases, the SD card will work on and off if it used in the wrong trail camera.

Additionally, some can also corrupt files or fail to store them. If you like to avoid this problem, you must carefully check that your SD card is not for SLR or DLSR cameras. With this, you must put the SD card that perfectly matches to your trail camera.

  1. Blinking display

Blinking display is also among the issues you can experience while using your trail camera. This problem can be caused by the battery. Therefore, you must make sure that they are fully charged. On the other hand, the memory card can also cause a blinking display. So, you can remove it first and put again to avoid blinking display.

  1. Unsaved pictures

There are some occurrences where you take pictures with your trail camera. Then, you realize in the end that the photos are not saved in your camera. Well, to prevent this problem, you must check first your memory card if it still has enough space to store new pictures. Additionally, you must ensure that it is compatible with the trail camera. It is also advisable to check if it was properly inserted on the slot.

Now that you have learned about the nine trail camera issues, you have now the idea on how to deal with them. With this, you can avoid stress and frustration during your trail adventure. Meanwhile, the following are some other problems that you may experience with your trail camera.

Other usual trail camera problems

  • Lighting problems

If you want to get rid of trail camera lighting problems, you must be knowledgeable about the settings of the exposure scale. There is a minus sign and sign. An indicator is also there to make it more balanced. The rule of the thumb will maintain the settings in the arrow. You can begin to build your way if the picture is dark.

  • Glaring sun

You may not know it, but the glaring sun can affect the lens of your camera. Too much light of the sun can hinder you to take beautiful and quality photos. Direct sunlight can affect your lens despite the durability of your trail camera. This can result in non-detection.

If the level of your motion detection is low, an over-glare can make your trail camera to lose focus. Also, the glare of the sun can also make your trail camera to overheat which can shut it off.

  • No space SD card

Another problem is when your SD card is already full. You can’t take new pictures if your trail camera’s SD card is already full. To avoid disappointments, you must check that your trail camera has enough storage for new images.

Meanwhile, aside from familiarizing about trail camera issues and its solutions, you must also know the best techniques to capture amazing pictures. To help you with this, the following are some things that you can follow.

Techniques to capture beautiful and quality images

  • Place the trail camera in a dry and cool area.
  • Avoid exposing your trail camera to direct sunlight.
  • You must set the motion detector sensor according to the game you want to capture images. You can set it high if you desire more security while using it.
  • It is essential that the placement covers an open place.
  • You must avoid setting it with high capacity to capture pictures. Using the 60p is a great start.
  • Never perch it too high in a tree. Thus, it can distort the view of your trail camera’s lens.
  • You must take care of the lens and protect it from moisture which can affect the image quality because of condensation and morning dews.

In everything, there are always solutions. In connection to it, you must use your creativity and intelligence to solve your trail camera issues.

There are many trail cameras in the market, so you must choose wisely to get the perfect one for your needs. To help you with this matter, the following are some essential things that you can consider in purchasing a new trail camera.

Choosing the Best Trail Camera

  • Storage capacity

When buying a trail camera, storage capacity is a vital factor that you must consider. The higher the capacity, the more pictures you can capture. You should buy the one that has memory cards.

  • Image quality

It is hard to determine if the trail camera can offer you excellent image quality. If you want to get a good quality image, you can prefer to buy quality lenses. You can test the camera and identify the one that can fit your needs.

  • Battery life

The battery life is essential for taking excellent photos. Some quality trail cameras use AA batteries. However, batteries can have an external source of power. You can also use a 12V battery.

  • Flash technology

The latest trail cameras come with LED flash units. The simplest and most affordable trail cameras are the white flash. An invisible infrared flash utilizes less battery power.

  • Viewing options

Trail cameras have different view options, so you must pick the one that can match to your viewing standards. The best trail camera is those who have cellular connection wherein you can view pictures remotely. Some cameras come with extra built-in screen option that allows you to see the images directly.

If you want to have a satisfying adventure with your trail camera, you can bring more than one trail camera. You can bring 2 or 3 trail cameras to avoid disappointments. With this, you can reduce the stress if you encounter some problems with your trail camera.

With the helpful ideas mentioned above, you can now make the best of your trail adventure habit. You can enjoy more of your photography skills.


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