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In the market to buy a trail camera either for personal or professional use? Yes, the long list of options available might leave you confused. But, no worries! We’ve made this Trail Camera buying guide to help you out!

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Sometimes called game camera, hunting camera, and remote camera, trail camera is considered as one of the excellent indoor/outdoor stuff and travel companions. From taking photos of people, animals, and objects to wildlife and security, its beneficial functions are limitless.

Trail cameras are usually self-operated, self-powered, weatherproof, waterproof, and rugged. It brilliantly records images and videos, be that day or night. If you need something to secure your home, this one is such a good pick. It can act as a home security system, ideal for attaching to a tree or porch so you can have an idea who comes and goes into your home even when you’re out of the country or simply out.

It seems like you’ve already made up your mind to buy a trail cam. What’s the next move? Before going to a local shop or browsing the online store, it is best to equip yourself with a list of features or type of product you need to avoid costly mistakes.

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Different Types of Trail Camera

How to Choose Trail Camera

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Different Types of Trail Camera

First of all, know the different types of the trail camera.

  • Flash Cameradesigned for the night shots. Though, you can also use it during the daytime. Very portable, has a simple set up, and quality pictures. However, it can make a shutter form of noise plus short battery life.
  • Cellular Camerarecords photos and then transmits them to the phone tabs thru internet. Just like your mobile phone, you need to prepare a sim and insert it into the camera slot. Portable and easy to use. On the negative side, some cellular trail cameras may quickly run out of battery life.
  • Security Cameratracks the activities inside and/or outside of your home. Ideal to use if you’re temporarily staying in the hunting area. While pricey, it can offer you tight protection that you and your property needs.
  • Infrared Cameradoes a good job at tracking and recording at night. It boasts a high resolution as well as comes with sensors that automatically switch the infrared function off and on. Very hard-wearing and easy to install. Though, not suitable for indoor use and a bit expensive.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Camera – captures pictures and sends it to your tablet or phone with a Wi-Fi connection or sim card. It is specifically beneficial for surveillance use. User-friendly and connects numerous units together wirelessly, but could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and has limited range.
  • Motion Activated Cameraideal to use both indoor and outdoor if you don’t want a manual interference or maximum remote to record videos or capture pictures. You can install it in setup. However, the range and sensitivity are highly critical.

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How to Choose Trail Camera

Now we’re down to the core of this article – how to choose the right trail camera. Make sure to consider these factors in order for you to become a happy buyer.

Purpose of Use

Whether it is for hunting or security purposes, there’s a right trail camera for you. Even artists, researchers, and nature photographers use this form of camera.

Durability and Design

Durability says a lot about how long you can use the item, so pay close attention to it. Trail cameras commonly have camouflage design and small sizes. This will make it invisible to the animals.

Image Quality

The image quality of a camera is measured in megapixels (called resolution). The higher the megapixel, the better quality pictures. It is recommended to look for a camera with at least 8 megapixels picture resolution. This will allow you to view objects clearly and zoom in on.

Picture or Video

The trail camera you intend to buy should give you clear images and various photo-taking potions. Also, the video should offer HD quality.


Many trail camera available these days make use of LED bulbs for flash to capture nighttime images. LEDs provide a clear, good flash to take any photos. Higher-end models provide infrared image and black LEDs capture.

Trigger Time

As a basic rule, the camera’s trigger time should be quick. Trigger time or trigger speed essentially contains the seconds until the camera captures a moving object.

Detection Circuit

Trail cameras with vast circuits, like 100 feet, are great at detecting game in meadows, fields, and any other large open areas.

Time Lapse

With great time-lapse features, you can be able to take cool and clear images. The camera captures photos at a set rate. This is an excellent tool if you intend to scan open fields.


While cards with higher capacity can cost you more money, they provide you with more storage room you can enjoy using all throughout your travel ventures.


You can obtain a security box for your camera. They are typically made of strong material, which is the steel. It protects the camera from scratches and direct blows.

Extra Features

You can look for bonus features such as TV jacks, Wi-Fi connectivity, burst mode, event counter, external LCD screen, and zoom.

Battery Life

Some companies claim that their products have one-year battery life, but shows otherwise. So, it is important to assess this feature before making a final purchase.


This is probably one of the biggest factors when making a decision. Anyone knows that those models with the best feature are pricier. Though, you might not need some of these advanced features. The best trail camera should meet your specific needs at a reasonable price point.

Bottom Line

Trail cameras provide people with a more efficient way to capture beautiful shots and even protect their home.

So there you have it, a complete guide to trail camera and how to choose the best one for your purpose. Hope you enjoyed and learned something from it.

Happy hunting everyone!


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