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Who never wants a discount? Of course, everybody has been watching for it! Even when you want to buy a trail camera, getting the products with the best deals is an excellent way to reduce their price. And now that Black Friday is fast approaching, it’s your chance to save big. Join the massive crowd to start searching for high-quality trail cameras with the lowest price ever!

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Undoubtedly, buying trail cameras on Black Friday can help you save money. Whether you are looking to satisfy your hunting needs or you need it for other applications, you can find different models from various brands during that exciting day. Some sellers offer coupon codes that you can use when you purchase a trail camera from them. To avail it, you only need to subscribe to their site.

There are many giveaways as well during this season. Some sellers offer free SD card, batteries, and other add-ons that increase the functionality of the trail cam. Regular consumers may also receive more significant discounts. There is also tempting offers for new users.

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Regardless which day you choose to shop, the price of the products still depends on sellers. However, you have to take note that shopping on Black Friday allows you to purchase trail cameras on both online and physical stores. On the other hand, Cyber Monday deals only happen online. Aside from that, some Black Friday offers also last until Cyber Monday. It gives you the opportunity to monitor the prices for you to save a lot of money.


To help you prepare your budget and find a high-quality trail camera, here are some deals you have to watch out while you shop!

Quick Answer: Trail Camera Deals to Watch on Black Friday 2019

  1. Apeman Trail Camera 12MP
  2. Campark Trail Camera 14MP
  3. Foxelli Trail Camera – 12MP 1080P Full HD
  4. Winghome Trail Camera

Apeman Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 2.4” LCD Game & Hunting Camera with 940nm

Trail Camera Black Friday Deals 2019
Apeman Trail Camera 12MP 1080P 2.4”

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Avail a 20% discount in Apeman Trail Camera and get the features that you will surely love from this model. Its 12MP photo resolution produces a clear and sharp image while its video delivers automatically detects movement so you won’t miss a game. With its multi-shot feature, you can take three consecutive shots as soon as the camera responds to motion.

Its 0.6-second trigger speed and infrared flash illumination technology can reach the image that is 65 ft away from the camera. It allows you to capture objects that pass by on dark areas of the wild without scaring them away. This durable trail camera is equipped with IP66 waterproof, dust-proof, and droop-proof protection, so it still works despite being placed on harsh conditions.

It is also a perfect tool for home security because its settings include a timestamp, interval recording, real-time replay, and Hybrid Mode. Whether you are going to bring this trail camera on a desert or set it up on your backyard, it stays reliable for extended use due to its energy-efficient operating system.

Campark Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Waterproof Hunting Scouting Cam

Trail Camera Black Friday Deals 2019
Campark Trail Camera 14MP 1080P

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Campark Trail Camera is a low-priced tool that will not fail you whenever you want to take a shot of the most exciting moments. It can detect movements that are 65 ft away from the camera even at night time. It is equipped with 42 pcs LEDs without flash so you won’t disturb animals wandering at the dark. You will still get a clear image because of its 850nm invisible infrared technology.

Capturing crystal clear images is made possible by its 12-megapixel photo and 1080P video resolution. It can be used both at daytime and nighttime without giving you a lot of fuss when operating it.

This trail camera can also record a broader view of the animal movements using its 120 degrees wide angle lens. Although it can record motion and utilize the 3 passive infrared sensors, you can still rely on it on for more extended period because of its energy-efficient operating system. This easy to operate and durable device is excellent for various applications such as property surveillance and farm security.


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Foxelli Trail Camera – 12MP 1080P Full HD Wildlife Scouting Hunting Camera

Trail Camera Black Friday Deals 2019
Foxelli Trail Camera – 12MP 1080P

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You will not only get a discounted price of Foxelli, but you’ll also avail the must-haves that you need to find in a trail camera. One of the essentials that you shouldn’t miss is its far range night vision which lets you capture the object that is 65 ft away from the camera. This experience is more enhanced by its 42 No Glow IR LEDs that enable you to get an impressive image at night time.

It is also a beginner-friendly and convenient tool. Just insert the SD card and battery, and set up the settings that include time stamp display, real-time replay, moon phase, and temperature. Use it to monitor your home or farm without worrying if images will get stolen in case the camera is lost. It is protected by a password to give you peace of mind. With its low price, you’ll already achieve a high-performing trail camera that can compete with the other high-end device.

 Winghome Trail Camera, 24MP 1080P Game Camera No-Glow Infrared Night Camer

Trail Camera Black Friday Deals 2019
Winghome Trail Camera, 24MP 1080P

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From capturing images to recording videos with sounds, the Winghome trail camera got what you need! At a lower price, you can already take photos like a pro using its 24MP image and 1080P video resolution. It is perfect to use when you need to monitor your backyard without having the theft notice that you are observing him. It is made possible through its no-glow night camera equipped with 42 pcs 940nm infrared LEDs that can take clear images at 15 meters distance.

The adjustable settings allow you to record images according to your preference. Whether you want a multi-shot, or need to set the video length, its functionality has you covered. Furthermore, adjusting the camera from low to medium sensitivity can help you capture the swift movements of animals accurately.

Use it to monitor your backyard or bring it to a tropical rainforest. The Winghome trail camera stays durable despite harsh weather conditions. It has a camouflage design that makes it blend with its surroundings so others will not see it easily. You don’t have to hook this device to a computer when you want to view your clips because it has an LCD screen that allows you to do it.

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Now that the Black Friday is offering the best deals, it’s time for you to set a budget for the trail camera that you wish to have. Don’t miss these products and the big discounts you’ll get! Make sure your list is ready before November 29, 2019. For sure, you’ll enjoy shopping not just because you can save money, but because you’ll have a wide variety of choices that are tailored to your needs.[/su_note]