Find Out What Makes TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Unique4 min read

The TOGUARD Company offers lots of surprises for buyers and trail camera lovers. Why? You can take full control of the TOGUARD Trail Camera that would surely fit your needs. Here’s a camera that guarantees excellence and quality to all users. You can expect great features that you would love to see.


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The TOGUARD Trail Camera is perfect for those who are trail camera enthusiasts. You can experience a full blast of satisfaction in using this camera outdoors. There’s more to expect if you use it on a regular basis.  TOGUARD doesn’t disappoint in giving you a quality camera that fits your needs. Well, there’s more if you use it during your outdoor activities.

Find Out What Makes TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Unique
TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P


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  • What we like
  • What we dont like
  • You can capture high-quality images with this camera using this 14MP clear photo.
  • Users can sew HD videos that have a clear sound all the way.
  • The fast trigger option lets you capture precise and quality pictures each time you use it.
  • The angle lens offers superb viewing quality that makes you happy.
  • The camera is ready for use, and it’s easy to operate.  
  • It has an SD card slot for full enjoyment to users.
  • Some of the buttons are difficult to operate
  • Some buyers don’ like the camera design  

TOGUARD Trail Camera Review

If the other trail cameras don’t get your attention, then you would need to take a look at this camera. The superb quality and performance are enough for you to open your wallet and give this a shot. Buyers love the SD card slot that holds up to 32 GB. That’s only a few of the great things it can offer you.

Photo and Video Quality

You can capture high-quality images with the 14MP clear photo option. You can give your wildlife activities a boost in using this camera. Who doesn’t want a clear picture, right? Of course, everyone loves to capture images crystal clear. You can do that with this camera.

Meanwhile, you can feel the HD experience with the 1080P HD video. You can expect a precise video that includes sound recording. So, you can expect great fun using the camera in taking pictures and recording videos. You can see the vividness of your shots any time.

Trigger Speed

You can capture precise moments with the excellent trigger speed of the camera. You can obtain each moment with ease, and the infrared sensors make this possible for you. You can capture each action wrong time.  It’s perfect for trail camera users who want to take shots accurately. For sure, you would love the result it offers you.

Lena Angle

There’s no doubt you can have a great scope in using the camera lens. Why? The TOGUARD Trail Camera offers 120 degrees lens that provides an excellent extent.  Don’t worry if it’s already night time. The excellent capture range does its magic to give you a clear shot or video recording during night hour.

TOGUARD Trail Camera Features

High-Resolution Video

Unlike the 720P camera, you have superb results in using the TOGUARD Trail Camera. Well, the 1080P feature of this camera is enough for you to buy it and give it a try. For sure, the result doesn’t disappoint you.

Superb 14MP Photos

You wouldn’t expect blurred photos in using this camera. It can capture an object in action at a precise moment. There are no worries of if you’re observing deer or other wild animals in the forest.

Instant Trigger Speed  

You’re on top of the action every time you use the camera. You can capture each moment in a detailed and precise manner. That’s only the start of the fun. This hunting camera makes your activities excellent and fun. Give it a try and see the amazing result it can offer you.

3 Infrared Sensors

You would be happy to capture each moment in action. Yes, TOGUARD makes it easy and comfortable for you using three infrared sensors. You have an assurance that each shot is a masterpiece. You can’t miss the wildlife action when you use this hunting camera.

Excellent LED Sensors  

There’s no stopping you in using the camera even during the dark. The LED sensors offer you an excellent result that you would like. A few great examples of these are explicit videos that you would you love to see. The LED leaves an elegant appeal that makes this camera unique.

120 Degrees Shooting Scope

You can’t miss any movement even during the twilight hours. The full scope is excellent when you’re deer hunting or sightseeing in the forest. With a broad range, there’s a chance to capture any moment with ease.

Waterproof Case

Now, here’s a good reason to use it outdoors – it has a waterproof feature. This trail camera can withstand rain, dust or even breakage. You would gain satisfaction in using it in your outdoor activities.


[su_box title=”What type of batteries suit the TOGUARD Trail Camera?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

You can use 1.5V AA batteries that could either be lithium or alkaline. You make sure to pick the right battery to avoid damage to the device. In using the right battery, you can expect a long performance of the device.

[/su_box] [su_box title=”What SD card should I use?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

Since the SD card is not included in the package, you have to buy it. It’s best to use TOGUARD approve SD cards.

[/su_box] [su_box title=”Can I take videos even at night?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

Yes, you can! Thanks to the infrared sensors, you can record video in the dark.


The TOGUARD Trail Camera is perfect during:

  • Hunting activities  during the day or night
  • Trips and adventures in the wild


The TOGUARD Trail Camera is the perfect trail camera for hunters and buyers. The high-quality features make this hunting camera stand as one of the best cameras from TOGUARD. Users can expect easy operation and image quality. You would find this camera terrific even at night time. The infrared sensors make it possible for you.

Also, anyone who loves a waterproof trail camera wouldn’t be disappointed in having this product. It’s dust at the same and has a durable body. Everyone would love the TOGUARD Trail Camera, that’s for sure!


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