Tabletop Grill for Outdoor Camping3 min read

A grill is a must for any outdoor camping activity. A grill for outdoor camping will allow you to easily prepare your food. However, the problem is that you cant just carry this heavy weight along with you. Therefore, you will need a tabletop grill for outdoor camping. This is grill is portable and lightweight and is always ready to be carried along wherever you like to go.

Tabletop Grill for Outdoor Camping
Tabletop Grill for Outdoor Camping

Before you go over the best tabletop grill for outdoor camping review, read firs the things you need to consider before buying one. This guide will help you find the portable grill that suit your needs best.

Before buying a portable grill, think of what you need it for. Are you going to hike to places such as the beach of the park? Or do you go on outdoor camping trips? This is critical since when it comes to outdoor hiking, you need to choose for grills that are lightweight and easy to carry around. When it comes to hike to a beach or the park, the weight is less an issue since it’s easier to transport the grill.

Tabletop Grill for Outdoor Camping Buyer’s Guide

Contrary to the popular belief, a tabletop grill for camping is not just intended for outdoor camping trips or hikes. It you live in an area with camped space like in the city, then a tabletop grill is a great choice for you.  Although a full-size grill is still great when it comes to efficiency, but what good it can do for you if you don’t hardly have space to put it. In addition, you can also find portable grill models that are as efficient as full sized grills.

  • Lightweight – A tabletop grill for outdoor camping must be lightweight and not too big. It can be better if it can be carried with one hand or with someone’s help.
  • Mobile – The tabletop grill for outdoor camping has to be mobile. The body structure must have locking lid, side shelves, and foldable legs. All these should be designed making the grill convenient to transport.
  • High Quality – Needless to say, the grill must stand the test of wear and tear. Choose a camping grill made with high-quality materials. The weather can change suddenly when camping outdoors so it must not rust or corrode easily.

Types of Tabletop Grill for Outdoor Camping

There are four different types of tabletop or portable grill that you can choose from such as gas, electric, charcoal, and pellet grills. Each of this model have its pros and cons which can have  huge impact on your buying decision.

Gas Portable Grill

A gas portable grill is convenient as it start and warm up easily. It features easy temperature dials. It’s also small and the propane tank is lightweight. The downside though is that it can be heavy if you choose a grill made from high-grade stainless steel. Plus, it’s expensive. It does not produce smoke which is important to add flavor to the food.

Charcoal Portable Grill

It’s one of the cheapest tabletop grill for outdoor camping.  Although it may take time to warm up, it can easily reach the highest temperature. It also produces smoke which is important in enriching the food flavor. It does not have so many attachments which means it’s unlikely to malfunction. The only downside of this grill is maintenance and cleaning. It will require you to remove ash after use and clean charcoal that can become messy.


Pellet grills feature precise and easy temperature controls. It is designed to maintain a fixed temperature level for several hours making it great for meat searing. This grill can produce wood smoke by simply pushing a button on the. It warms up easily and some models feature built0in meat probe and even wi-fi.

The downside though is the weight. Pellet grills are very heavy and expensive. You will need an assistance of another person to carry this grill around. It also have plenty of attachments that are prone to damage and can be very expensive to replace.

Electric Grills

This grill is one of the most popular portable grills these days. It can burn without producing smoke making it a perfect option for city dwellers. You can use this grill on a small terrace, balcony, or backyard without bothering your neighbors with smelly smoke. Like pellet grills, electric models can be very expensive and required to plugged to a power source all the time. You can find models with built-in power source but they are more expensive than those that don’t have. In addition, this is limited to home use only since it’s quite impossible to have electricity source in the woods where you’re planning to camp.

Now that you know the things to look for the best tabletop grill for outdoor camping, it can be very easy for you to find the grill that will suit you needs, purpose, and budget.