Why Stealth Cam STC g42ng is One of the Best Trail Cameras Today?5 min read

Are you looking for the best trail camera that fit your budget? Then, it’s best to look at the G42ng camera from Stealth Cam. It has incredible features that make it easy and fast to use. Customers love the thrill of using trail cameras due to the explicit images it offers. You would be happy to see the colorful pictures in every shot you make.


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That’s only a few of the great things it can offer you. Buyers gain satisfaction due to the quality of the camera.  Also, the smooth functions are great for any outdoor activity that you would do. This review lets you discover more about the G42ng camera.

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Why Stealth Cam STC g42ng is One of the Best Trail Cameras Today?

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  • What we like
  • What we dont like
  • The case design is cool that reflects a Star Wars image.
  • The G42ng camera is easy to set up, and you wouldn’t have trouble using the controls.
  • The trigger speed is excellent as it lets you capture images in a precise and fast way.  
  • You can expect great photo quality in using the camera.
  • You need to use lots of AA batteries to achieve the full potential of the long battery life.
  • The trigger is offset sometimes that makes poor recovery time in taking images.

Stealth Cam G42NG Review

The G42ng camera is ideal for camera enthusiasts who want to have good pictures at all times. Buyers would be happy to buy it due to its features and performance. You would enjoy each shot due to its clearness. You can experience full advantage in using the camera during hunting activities.


Users can achieve fast setup due to the Quick Set. The LCD menu offers you precise functions in using the device.  You can choose from setting modes such as custom settings. Comfort also comes with security. It provides you password setting that offers protection for the camera.

Photo Quality

G42NG is a ten-megapixel game camera which uses no glow technology. You will find four options for picture resolution obtainable. Rather than the optimum resolution, you can additionally select either 8MP, 4MP, or perhaps 2MP. Higher resolution implies that it is going to take up far more room of the memory card. Therefore if you’d like the very best quality images, I’d recommend getting the largest possible SD card.

Along with photo capturing, the digicam also provides the power to capture video clips with sound. You can establish the video clip length to the choice of yours between five to 180 secs. The nighttime video clips are short with just ten to thirty-second range.

The day photos have vivid color with barely any washout. The up close photos are clear and with excellent contrast. There is scarcely a blurriness in the day pictures. For blur reduction, the digicam has a Matrix feature, and that is adaptable in the setup menu.

The night time pictures can vary in quality, although overall they’re additionally excellent. The flash is built with forty-two no glow IR emitters which have a selection of a hundred feet. The IR flash is effective at illuminating a significant region. The flare at times appears to be way too bright, causing several whiteouts on items which are near to the camera.

Video Quality  

Most camera users want HD video quality. Well, they would have it in using the G42ng camera.  The video recording is precise and has excellent sound. You can even use it at night. Yes, the flash the sensors make it possible for you. Thus, you have satisfaction in using the camera if you want to record videos on a dark forest or field.

Trigger Speed

Don’t waste time to capture fantastic images. The fast trigger lets you capture images in 0.5 seconds.  You wouldn’t miss any captivating moment when you’re outdoors. Feel free to use the control and experience satisfaction in using this camera.

Battery Life

No doubt that you would be amazed by the battery life of the G42ng camera. Why? You have an assurance of 1-year battery life. If you think that’s amazing, then wait until you use it. It would be best to buy Lithium and Alkaline batteries for the device.  But, you shouldn’t use rechargeable batteries because extra power is required to use the IR sensors.

Now let look at the features  

Quick Set  

The camera setup wouldn’t be complicated for you due to the Quick Set. Then, you can custom settings to use the camera effectively. The custom setting allows you to operate the LCD menu for you to select additional functions.

Reliable IR Emitters  

Don’t worry even its night time because you can still take clear pictures.  The IR flash offers you the clear result on each image you would make. The camera can light up a big area using the IR flash. You would be happy to see your night photos all the time.

Also, the 10MP photo sensor allows you to capture images at night. The full range format offers you satisfaction in taking shots in broad areas.

Excellent Operational Mode

Here’s the good news for camera users and hunters – the operational modes. You can select from different mode settings such as HD or shoot mode. Hunters find the operational modes reliable depending on their preference. You don’t have trouble using it due to its fast operation process.

Photo Information Menu  

You can add info on the image you have to take. You can include the temperature, date, moon phase info and much more. Also, you can add a camera name that you can customize depending on your taste. Now, that’s a great feature if you ask us.


Users can create custom maps with Geo-Tagging feature. When you enabled it the GPS coordinates with the metadata of each photo file. It’s best to use this when you’re doing photo management. That’s a good way for you to maximize in using the device.

User Feedback

You can find loads of complex functions with this design which might shock first-timers, though absolutely nothing as well from the typical. Anticipate for generally there to become minimal mastering curve for consumers which haven’t made use of the type previously. This’s a great digital camera to master superior capabilities on, as they have over effectively into the additional Stealth Cam solutions within some other sequence. The truth is the one, and the only thing which will indeed provide the novice a bit of head pain is taking away as well as putting in the electric batteries with their utmost selected trail digital cameras. You may additionally have an interest in the listing of absolutely no shine trail digital cameras.


[su_box title=”What’s the purpose of the camera trigger?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

Trail hunting wouldn’t be complete without using a fast trigger. Don’t worry because the G42ng camera has a quick trigger that lets you capture images in seconds.  

[/su_box] [su_box title=”Is it safe to use alkaline batteries?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

Yes, it is, and you can also use AA lithium batteries. So, you wouldn’t miss any exciting moments when you’re outdoors. Each photo you take would be a masterpiece.

[/su_box] [su_box title=”Is the G42ng fit for my budget?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

Yes, it does due to its affordable price. The G42NG camera is perfect if you’re HuntingCamping, Taking Pictures.



This camera proves to be one of the best when it comes to trail cameras.  It offers you high-quality images that you like to see. Also, the easy and swift operation of the buttons makes this camera ideal for your activities outdoor. You would love the result as you see the photos and videos you have in the device.


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