The Best Night Vision Monoculars4 min read

Activities like watching sports, hunting, and more can often be stalled if there’s low light or full darkness. If you’re looking to end up with the most excellent visibility, then you need to consider the night vision monocular. A lot of devices exist these days with an objective of helping with night vision this include monocular.

The night vision monoculars have many uses each having a performance which drives a lot of people to choose them.  They are preferred for being user-friendly. Using your one hand only, you can be in a position to view clearly at full darkness. If you’re searching for the best night vision monoculars, then you are in the right place.

Top 5 Best Night Vision Monoculars

Firefield FF2 4063 Night Vision Monocular

The Best Night Vision Monoculars

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This is a generation 1 night vision monocular.  This is packed with essential features but can be obtained at a reasonable price. It comes with the 50mm objective lens, and it provides 4x magnification power. The detection range of this unit is less than 360ft and comes with IR illuminator. In spite of being generation one device, the Firefield comes with a tripod. It is also tough and can survive a broad array of temperature. Its images are clean and clear this due to its high resolution. Extra accessories are included such as lens cloth and a carrying case.

Sightmark Eclipse Night Vision

The Best Night Vision Monoculars

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This night vision monocular utilizes digital technology, but it manages to offer a bit of night standard. The Sightmark has the benefit of offering current black and white objects instead of the old standard black and green images.  It is integrated with 5mm objective lenses and 4x magnification power. It also integrated with additional accessories such as lens cover and a carrying case.

Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision

The Best Night Vision Monoculars

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Like Sightmark, the Night Owl also utilized digital technology to enhance the power of this device. It comes with 2X magnification power, and the integrated IR illuminator helps in providing clear pictures or images. This also features five different settings which are controlled through a single button which make it user-friendly in the field.

Night Optics D-300 Standard Night Vision

The Best Night Vision Monoculars

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This device offers a slew of features. The Night Optics D-300 comes with multi-range IR illuminator which is high power, infrared indicators, and low battery, as well as optics which meet Mil specification standards. The body is tough and can survive any kind of weather. The mount allows you to attach the unit to anything from headgear to weapons and it comes with a tough carrying case as well.

Armasight Avenger ID Improved Definition

The Best Night Vision Monoculars

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This monocular has 3X magnification power and has a 45-51Ipm resolution. It provides auto-brightness controls and an auto shut off the system. The infrared illuminator is included as well. The flood lens is really exceptional, it measures 50mm and offers a clear range of focus. If you are looking for fog and water resistant device, then you should definitely consider this product. This can be utilized mounted or as a hand-held device. You can also use this device with a video recorder or a camera.

What are the Features to Look for in Night Vision Monoculars?

The Quality of the Optic

The most significant factor to consider when buying a night vision monocular is the quality of the optic which a device provides. Some monoculars are Gen 1, so meaning they are on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to optical quality. However, this does not mean that they do not provide amazing quality images.

Videos and Photos

As you will have seen from the items reviewed above, most provide you with the possibility to record videos and take pictures of what you see in your monocular. Some provide High Definition quality and the choice of saving the videos and images to a micro SD card. Then you can upload these to your desktop or even in your TV to share with loved ones.

Weight and Size

Depending on what you intend to use the product, the weight and the size of the monocular may or may not be essential. If you are on long nighttime hiking, then you will need something which is portable and nice. These devices can differ a good deal in weight and size. Lighter and smaller monocular are likely to be costly, but this is not always the case.


This device doesn’t come cheap. As such, it is highly recommended to look for a product which provides a generous warranty. This must be at least one year and, must cover more than just manufacturer defects.

Battery Life

Most night vision monoculars are powered by AA batteries that are convenient. But, the level of expediency is down to the lifespan of the battery, which in most cases could be on the short side. Make sure to pay attention to customer feedbacks to what is being said regarding the battery life of the monoculars you are planning to purchase. In most cases, it’s likely to charge your unit through a USB port, thus saving you money and time from buying the batteries.


Accessories might not be as thrilling as the monoculars. However, they are very useful. The best night vision monoculars come with extra accessories such as a strap, carrying or a storage bag, and many others.



Purchasing a night vision monocular takes time and research. There are many factors to consider such as battery life, accessories, magnification as well as optical quality. The good news is that technology keeps on improving as the day goes by. And while advance products keep on hitting the market, costs are becoming more competitive.

If you are seriously considering this item, then why not go for it. I hope that this review and buying guide will help you in your decision of finding the best one. Whether you are on nigh-time hiking, hunts or simply enjoy star gazing right at the comfort of your patio, we hope you have fun and excitement with your purchase.