The Best Infrared Trail Camera You Can Buy Today4 min read

So, thinking that an Infrared Trail Camera deserves more your trust and hard-earned investment. But, which to choose among the long list of options? How to get started? Get all the information at hand with our Infrared Trail Camera Reviews!

Trail cameras provided in a great of conformations. Some cameras shoot videos, some take pictures, and some can do both. One of the types of a trail camera, the infrared has been gaining more fans universally. Well, that is not questionable.

Having this camera on your hand or in your travel accessories, you can ensure to get the most of every outdoor experience. So, read and pick the best product that you think will suit well to your requirement.

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What is Infrared Trail Camera?

The newest type introduced to the market, the infrared trail camera detects the heat a certain object produces. It identifies that object’s color code and amount of heat based on the produced infrared radiation.

Boasts a high resolution and take night photos with lots of clarity. Sensors are also included which is responsible for automatically switching the infrared function off and on.

The application of an infrared camera is extensive. Even researchers use it during their experiments because of its high-resolution images and sensitivity.


  • Very robust
  • High resolution
  • Captures black and white photos at night
  • Take pictures without spooking the game and drawing much attention
  • Fast trigger time
  • Easy to install; withstand tampering
  • Increased battery life

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Quick Answer: Top 3 Infrared Trail Cameras to Buy in 2019

  1. Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Camera
  3. Amcrest Hunting & Trail Camera (ATC-1201G)

Make sure to consider any of these infrared trail cameras for your next shopping!

1. Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Camera

The Best Infrared Trail Camera You Can Buy Today
Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Camera

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Discreet and compact in design
  • Super fast recovery speed and trigger time
  • Includes time lapse
  • Wide angle photos
  • The battery can last up to a year
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lens tend to fog
  • Setup is a bit intricate
  • Variable battery life

If you want to ensure a thrilling and enjoying outdoor activity all throughout the summer or holiday season, never underestimate what Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Camera can offer. Yes, it has all the features designed to impress every hunter. And yes, it also has a few weak points. Nevertheless, a good value for the money.

This infrared trail camera has outstanding photo resolution, a recovery time of one second, and a trigger speed of 0.25 seconds. The 20MP produces an exceptional image quality. So, have an assurance that you will not miss any single detail. The advanced CMOS technology greatly works in low light conditions.

Battery life is not an issue. The 8 AA batteries will last up to one year without having to be replaced. The camera itself is robustly built as well. The rigid, lightweight plastic exterior is dustproof and waterproof. So, you can still use it even in extreme conditions.

2. BARSKA 6MP Trail Camera

The Best Infrared Trail Camera You Can Buy Today
BARSKA 6MP Trail Camera

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Heavy-duty and lightweight
  • Captures quality images and videos
  • Has 40 infrared LED lights for optimal night and day photography
  • Can be set for multi-shot bursts
  • Water-resistant casing
  • Long lifespan of the battery
  • Some battery issues

Featuring an innovative infrared LED technology, the BARSKA 6MP Trail Camera can attest that scouting a hunting trail is just a breeze. Available in 6 megapixels with 28 infrared LED lights. Surely, a good travel accessory and companion of all hunters!

These 28 infrared LED lights help a lot for optimal day and night photography. It has also a 1.5 inch LCD color display in the unit in case camera setting adjustment and image viewing are needed. Powered by 8 AA batteries although not included in the package.

The fact that it can serve you for around a year is another good reason to consider this infrared trail camera. You can store video and photos to a removable SD storage card thru internal media card slot.

3. Amcrest Hunting & Trail Camera (ATC-1201G)

The Best Infrared Trail Camera You Can Buy Today
Amcrest Hunting & Trail Camera

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Sleek, solid design
  • Wonderful quality footage
  • Quick trigger speed
  • Features infrared motion sensors
  • Great range of view
  • Affordable
  • Short battery life

So, here’s another quality infrared trail camera we have for you, the Amcrest Hunting & Trail Camera. It is rich in several excellent features that even novice hunter would love to have one in their set of travel accessories. Great for filming animals, taking photos, and helping you with hunting.

Regardless of the animals or objects, you are trying to capture or film, expect to get super quality results with the 12MP 1080 HD of this camera. You can view or play it back on its 2-inch color LCD screen. Set it up with an interval time and choose from an extensive video length.

Using it, you’ll surely not miss every game movement – thanks to its 100 degrees wide angle. The 36 PIR LEDs allows you to know what is happening or moving both day and night. Has a quick trigger speed of 0.7 seconds. Store all photos on a micro SD card of up to 32GB.

Discount Infrared Trail Camera

Buying an infrared camera doesn’t necessarily mean hurting your wallet! The advertising of discount infrared trail camera has opened up a possibility for camera enthusiasts. Discount cameras come in two kinds: brand new and used.

Some people prefer buying a particular product numerous months to a year after its release as it is cheaper. While new cameras give a more extensive array of features, a discount infrared camera offers close to similar features. Now, finding a discount camera is not a demanding task to do. You can find various local and online stores that provide the service. Doing thorough research is key!


Infrared trail cameras are definitely a best friend for hunting ventures or merely taking videos and photos. All of the cameras mentioned above are among the best-rated products out there.

Featuring solid, compact design and top-notch features at a price you surely fall in love with. Not to mention, have impressive recovery time and trigger speed. You can them for hunting or watching wildlife moving patterns.

Choose your infrared trail camera now and reap fruitful benefits later!


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