Hunting Zones That You Should Try Near Colorado3 min read

Colorado is located in the western part of the U.S, and it is well known as one of the best hunting places. The land is rich in hunting places and has great plains and mountains. Hunters are allowed to access and participate in big game opportunities.

Here is the list of public hunting places in Colorado that hunters should visit.

1.Pike National Forest

Hunting Zones That You Should Try Near Colorado
Pike National Forest

Experience a good and best hunting experience and fishing experience as well. The Pike National Forest is near Denver which comprises 1.1 million acres.

  1. Plateau Creek State Wildlife Area

This place is good for deer and bird hunting because of the semi-desert grassland. The area offers camping during big game seasons. It is a place which allows access to the Grand Mesa National Forest. Rifles are allowed or use in hunting.

  1. Adobe Creek State Reservoir

It comprises about 4,829 acres and offers fishing, deer and small game hunting.

  1. Basalt State Wildlife Area

If you are looking for a place wherein you are allowed to fish then Basalt State Wildlife Area is for you. You can access the Fryingpan River in which you can perform your fishing activities. Hunting of deer is also present here.

  1. Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest

Hunting Zones That You Should Try Near Colorado

This place offers a variety of hunting activities which has 2.9 million acres. It is abundant in big game hunting and has great rivers which are good for fishing.

  1. Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area

It is located in the Northeast Region of Colorado which is also best for fishing and hunting for waterfowls.

  1. Colorado Big Game Program

It is the most popular hunting area in Colorado wherein private lands are enrolled with 147,000 acres. This is located in the Southeast part of Colorado and offers good hunting opportunities for hunters.

  1. Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

A place is good for hunting waterfowl and elk with around 23,467 acres of land.

Hunting on State and Federal Land

In Colorado, you can also experience to hunt in state and federal lands. These public lands are permitted to perform hunting activities. Below are the state lands that you can visit for hunting.

  1. Ridgway State Park

It is a great park for hunting, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, and camping activities. It is located in the San Juan Mountains. Although they offer hunting activities, it is very limited. Waterfowl hunting is also allowed in the park.

  1. Crawford State Park

Hunting Zones That You Should Try Near Colorado

This is located in the middle of Colorado which is beautiful for hiking, boating, and hunting activities. Same in Ridgway State Park, Crawford State Park is suitable for waterfowl hunting, especially in fall seasons.

  1. Barr Lake

Located in the Northeast of Denver and is a place abundant in different species of birds. Waterfowl hunting reservation is required and permitted during season.

  1. Trinidad Lake State Park

This park is situated at the base of the Culebra Range. The park is a great venue in discovering what Colorado’s has to offer to you. Hunting in Trinidad Lake State Park is permitted, but only bow and shotguns are only allowed to use.

  1. High Line Lake State Park

Hunting Zones That You Should Try Near Colorado

The lake is located in Western Colorado. Hunting waterfowl is one of the known activities available but only before sunrise and after sunrise.

  1. Colorado River

This park is divided into five sections: Island Acres, Corn Lake, Colorado River Wildlife Area, Connected Lakes and Fruita. It is renamed to honor James M. Robb who created the string of pearls. The first three pearls namely Island Acres, Corn Lake, and Colorado River Wildlife offers waterfowl hunting.

  1. Vega State Park

It is one of the big and stunning state parks in Colorado. It is located in the hidden portion of Grand Mesa National Forest. Hunting is allowed during the season, but the shotgun is permitted. Hunting also of birds is permitted only.

  1. Navajo State Park

Located in the Southwest of Colorado and all types of activities are permitted. If your looking for a place where birds, deer, and elk hunting is permitted then Navajo State Park is perfect for you.

  1. Boyd Lake State Park

You can find Boyd Lake State Park in Northern Colorado. Activities like hunting, swimming, fishing, camping and even hiking are allowed. Hunting waterfowl is available during the season.

  1. Sweitzer Lake State Park

It is located in Delta and is a smaller state park best to visit in the daytime. Hunting is allowed and permitted but only in its boundaries. Using the shotgun is only permitted, no other weapons are allowed to use. They also offer hunting of waterfowls but only on weekends.

  1. San Luis State Park

The park can be located in around Sand Dunes. The park is considered a visual gem, and you can view the beautiful and eye-catching Dunes from this park. Big and small game hunting is allowed in the park. For hunters to like waterfowls, they also permitted waterfowls hunting in the wildlife area of San Luis Lake.

There are plenty of choices that you can visit in Colorado as far hunting is a concern. Colorado only proves that it is a place for hunting because of the hunting zones available and offered in it. Almost all places permitted hunting and other wildlife activities that people will enjoy.

Guided Hunting Trips in Colorado

Are you not very much familiar with Colorado? Well, here are some guided hunting trips that you should avail and experience.

Trappers Lake Lodge and Resort

Hunting Zones That You Should Try Near Colorado
Trappers Lake Lodge and Resort

If you are looking for a place and you cannot manage a single day for your hunting activities, this place is well suited for you. They have restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the different drinks they offer. If you want to experience overnight hunting and fishing, they can offer it to you. Experience it all in Trappers Lake Lodge and Resort

Ripple Creek Lodge

Flat Tops Scenic Byway in Meeker is where you can experience guided hunting of elk and deer. Horseback riding and fishing activities are also present in this lodge.