Hunting Optics Buying Guide Which One Should I Buy?4 min read

How to choose a hunting optic that won’t disappoint you in the future? Read about our useful tips on choosing and buying your next hunting optic for target shooting or hunting. Enjoy!

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Hunting optics make your hunting a lot easier. Lightweight and portable, it allows you to detect preys from afar. It comes in numerous types, shapes, and sizes for many different purposes.

Choosing the right hunting optic is an utmost priority for every hunter. A good optic will give you an advantage with general accuracy, besides long distance shooting.

How would you pick an item perfectly suited to your personal preference and budget? Rely on this guide to make a conversant decision!

Different Types of Hunting Optics

Hunting Optics Buying Guide Which One Should I Buy?

Knowing the different types of hunting optic is your first step. This way, you can have narrow down your choices and stick with it.

Binoculars a convenient, portable, and lightweight way of stalking big or large preys. These are armored with two optical systems that are connected to a hinge, sharing a universal focus system. Available in an extensive range of powers, features, and sizes for various purposes.

Spotting Scopes also called field scopes. Have a bit similarity to telescopes and binoculars, though more powerful and more significant than binoculars and gun scopes. Mostly perfect for stealthy stalking or bird watching. Spotting scopes come in both angled and straight models.

Rifle Scope a favorite accessory for hunting and target shooting. Varies from fixed and variable vision optics to night vision scopes. It allows you to see your target on the same central plane from the sights. What makes rifle scope one of the must-have tools is that it is simple to use, gives superior accuracy, and is competitively priced.

Gun Scope attached to the rifle or gun and utilized to improve the view of a target object as well as your possibility of hitting it. Just like binoculars, its power is described by lens diameter and magnification. Most designs are waterproof and nitrogen-purged to avoid fogging in the optical surfaces.

Laser Rangefinders provide precise distances so you won’t miss your target. Proves to be a necessary tool for rifle hunters, bow hunters, short or long distance shooters, target shooters, and even golfers. A rangefinder with an illumined reticle will be needed if you intend to hunt at dusk or night so you can precisely see your target.


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How to Choose Hunting Optics

Hunting Optics Buying Guide Which One Should I Buy?

Assuming you have decided which among the types of hunting optics you will need for an upcoming hunting activity or other outdoor ventures, don’t stop yet. You’re still in the beginning process. Take a look at these various factors when shopping for a hunting optic.

Angled vs. Straight

Which among the two will you need or want most? Angled and straight refers to the numerous forms of field or spotting scopes available in the market. The straight version is easy to use while the angled hunting optics are ideal for people of different heights.


Both the sights and scopes can be very lightweight, portable, unobtrusive, and compact. You will need a lighter option especially on a wildlife excursion or on a hunt. But generally, spotting scopes are among the most massive devices while the sights have minimal weight.

Optics Quality

The optical glass will dramatically affect how you view objects. So, make sure to only choose products with high-quality glass. Expensive, it is, but the experience you can gain using quality optics is more worthwhile.


Bigger is not always better, and this also applies to hunting optics. A 9X to 12X might be useful for long distance rifle shooters, 4X to the 6X range for hunters, and 15X magnification upwards for serious distance hunters or wildlife observers.

Objective Lens

You might see 32 in the 4X32 number series. It is the objective diameter which indicates how large the outer lens is in millimeters. In this case, more significant is better because it gives a wider field of view.

Field of View

It is the sight’s measure from left to right when you look through the scope. It is said that the field of view may get narrow if the magnification or power is higher. So, you know the drill.


It is an aiming point that shows up on both scopes and sights. Reticles are also denoted as crosshairs and are available in several shapes, including dot and dot in a circle. Some will be black, which can be difficult to tell apart if you have a dark setting or in a low light situation.

Exit Pupil

Exit pupil refers to the small light disc size that exits a scope. You will need to divide the objective lens diameter by the power to know the size.

Eye Relief

When looking for a hunting optic, it is recommended to look for long eye relief as it helps minimize eye strain and offers an additional margin of safety and comfort while using the optic.


How much are you willing to spend on a hunting optic? Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to pay large bucks just to get a top of the line product. You can still buy an excellent hunting optic at a reasonable price. Doing thorough research is what you need.


A warranty is essential in case your scope gets damaged. After all, certain things could likely occur no matter how hard you take care of an item. There are no-inquiries approached lifetime warranties available these days which you can take advantage of.

Bottom Line

Being able to see and detect well your target is crucial to hunting excellently. So as an outdoor man or hunter, make sure to consider various essential factors so future regrets won’t happen in your case. It is not a pure investment, after all. You’ll spend bucks to make your hunting experience more valuable.

Though, finding the right hunting optic should not be a demanding and difficult task. With this guide, you are assured to make your hard-earned investment worthy.

Happy shopping!


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