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In most states and regions all through North, America coyotes can be hunted all year round. This animal has been known to cause headaches for livestock and wildlife. Therefore a lot of game biologists even support coyote hunting. To even the possibilities and to make more of an impact on the population of coyote, a lot of regions allow coyote hunting at night. By knowing how to hunt coyote at night, hunters can hunt this animal 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Coyotes night hunting can be an incredibly thrilling and very reliable and efficient way of keeping their numbers at bay. Read on to know the tips and strategies on how to hunt coyotes at night.

Like most predators out there, coyotes are nocturnal. Majority of their daily activities are done at night like hunting, eating, establishing hierarchy and breeding and because of this, hunting this animal at night can be extremely fast paced as you a lot more than during daylight. Also, they feel safer at night knowing that human being is less active, so they are likely to be a little bit less weary.

Techniques and Tips on Coyote Hunting at Night

14 Tips for Hunting Coyote at Night

There are lots of techniques and tactics used by a lot of hunters when hunting coyotes at night. Here are some of the useful tips on how to increase the chances of hunting or killing coyotes.

1. Location

Tips number one is to understand or know where these animals frequent. Coyotes commonly can be found in brushy creeks, swampy areas river-bottoms or any other places frequented by varmints and small rodents. Aside from these places, they are also present close to sheep ranches.

U.S Fish and Wildlife Service commented that one in every ten ranchers report the loss of lambs of up to twenty percent. That means that coyotes love lambs and will be found hanging in ranches which have a considerable number of lambs. In most instances, owners of the ranch will give you consent to hunt this animal around their yard or property.

2. Stay Undercover

When you are hunting coyote at night, it is vital to keep undercover. A coyote can be skittish, but also savvy once this animal hears or see something which isn’t normal for them. A lot of successful hunters will cover their hands, wear right clothes for a night hunt.

The perfect time to hunt a coyote is on calm and cold days. Knowing how to hunt coyotes at night involve knowing how to be sneaky. When hunting, ensure that you have parked your auto at a secure distance. Also, avoid making noise, when you’re hunting with friends.

One tactic many hunters use is settling in on a happy place wherein you can see the whole thing around you. Once settled in a safe and comfortable place, use an electric call to attract coyotes nearby.

Concerning electronic calls, how much is too much calling? Diverse hunters vary on how long or often you must call. But, the general rule of thumb is that open areas need longer as well as louder calls. In places with a huge number of coyote, a long series of calls will scare them away.

What is more, in places where this animal is often hunted, it might take time for the hunter to get the first kill, most essentially if he is new to this activity. This is simply because this animal in this area is wiser and is unlikely to fall the same coyote hunting techniques utilized by others. So, patience is very vital when hunting coyotes at night.

3. Use a Dog

Another controversial technique a hunter can utilize when hunting coyote at night is through the use of a dog. Like other predators out there, coyotes kill dogs for a meal. So, using a dog as bait works very well, most essentially if you have a loyal canine.

To guarantee success, ensure the dog doesn’t wander off too far from your location. What is more, ensure your dog can outpace this animal and is an expert at taking commands. Through this way, you’ll command your canine to run towards your location.

4. Consider a Rifle With Scope

Coyotes hunting at night can be challenging you’re not equipped with the right tools or gears. So, what are those gears that you have to carry to hunt coyotes successfully? Here are some of the vital tools which you must never leave behind when going hunting coyote at night.

Of course, you’ll need a high-quality rifle with a scope to hunt a coyote.  On the other hand, not all rifles available will work for hunting. Using a small gun is highly advisable. So, don’t use the same rifle you utilize for deer or duck hunting. The best firearm to use when hunting a coyote is a shotgun. This is particularly true if you’re hunting in dense cover. For ammo, the best one to utilize is the .223 Winchester round. Aside from the best ammo, it’s also vital to have a rifle with a quality scope. For hunting coyote, the best scope is one that has a big objective lens as well as high magnification.

5. Camouflage

Another important factor you’ll need for hunting a coyote is camouflage. Coyotes have magnificent sight, most essentially at night. To avoid coyotes from seeing you while you’re stalking them camouflage will be vital.

6. Calling Techniques

A call enables the hunter to trick this animal and draw them near to you. The electronic call is exceptional as it offers an extensive array of sounds. Hand calls also work great. It’s all up to you choose which type of caller you want to use.

Both electronic and mouth calls work very well for coyote hunting at night, with electronic calls providing hunter a considerable advantage provided that you are seasoned and professional with a mouth call.

An electronic predator call is obvious, loud as well as usually actually the voice of a real like an animal making it believable to predators. A lot of coyotes come running in totally expecting to know what they’re looking for with no fear.

When hunting a coyote at night, you have to be ready and alert all the time. It might take a second before a coyote is right on top of you. So, ensure you’re ready to fire before you start your series of call. Not all coyotes come in at a full run, and most come in slowly and casually. If you’re in the place which sound can travel long distances, it might take a while for this animal to get to your area. Due to this reason, it is vital to be patient. Give coyotes enough time to come in, or you might experience what most seasoned coyote callers have and do once you get up you see one running away.

7. Consider Using Gloves

The perfect time to hunt coyote is during a calm and cold day. Thus, one of the most vital things you’ll need is a glove. This keeps you secure and safe from cold and at the same time avoids your hands from being spotted in the moonlight. Make sure to use a pair of thick gloves.

8. Scout Ahead Kit is Vital

Surveying ahead is very important when hunting a coyote at night. A trail camera is a significant thing to consider when scouting.  A trail camera will provide you with a precise image of the whole area you are planning to hunt. You will also need a pair of high-quality binoculars to acquire a more comprehensive view of the place you are planning to hunt.

9. Use a Light

This animal is agile and cunning which can see clearly at night. So, hunting at night is very much complicated. This raises the query of how to spot this animal at night.  The perfect way to detect this animal at night is through the use of lights. When hunting coyotes at night, there are two kinds of lights you can use such as red and green. The hunting light you choose will affect the result of your hunting. If you’re hunting place has denser cover as well as moisture in the air and is a small field, it’s highly recommended to use the red light.

10. Avoid Turning the Light On and Off

However, if you hunt in an open area without moisture, experts suggest utilizing a green light. A spotlight for hunting a coyote will come useful for scanning the area. Thus, don’t depend only on the rifle mounted light. You have to keep away from turning the light on and off once calling, most essentially if you’re hunting in Southwestern and western states.

11. Avoid Pointing the Light

What is more, if you’re hunting with your loved ones you have to keep away from pointing the light in his or her direction. When hunting a coyote at night using a red light is highly suggested. Using a headlight equipped adjustable focus, as well as multiple LEDs, is advisable. With headlight, it is easy for you to switch to green, red or white color without needing extra gear.

12. Explore the Whole Area

There are hunters out there who choose hunting without using a light. To become a member of hunters that don’t use a light, you’ll need to know how to hunt a coyote at night with no light. The first thing you’ll need to do is explore the place during the daytime. When you are exploring the areas or places, spot the place where a coyote usually stay. Like other animals, you can found coyotes in watering holes. It is also advisable to map the areas where this animal frequent before hunting. This is easier for you if you go out hunting coyote at night.

13. Use Prey Grief Sounds

At night, utilize prey grief sounds to get the attention of a coyote. This sound will attract this animal at night. Last but not least, armed yourself with a good rifle with a quality scope. For night hunting, utilize a scope that has a big lens as well as high magnification. Preferably utilize a scope that has a 50 mm objective lens. Use a rifle equipped with illuminated reticle as it will do a good job of helping you see coyotes at night.

14. Understands the Weather

While winter hunting can be cold, it’s the perfect time if you’re after fur quality. A lot of states in the US allow coyote hunting at night throughout the year. However, a lot of people join this activity during fur-bearing time that in most regions is the last week of September through March, and it depends on the year.  This doesn’t mean you cannot or shouldn’t hunt coyotes throughout summer and spring. However, this is once they hide will get the highest value.

The summer season can be the best time to hunt coyotes, most essentially if you know how to capture this animal at night. There’s less competition during this season, so this animal is usually easier to get with predator calls.

Nights get longer and days get shorter during the winter season. This is one reason why a lot of people hunt this animal at night. If you like to try some places after work during the winter and fall, a spotlight may be your only choice, and the best choice it is. Knowing how to hunt this animal at night will open up many hunting possibilities for those who would want to get out more often.

14 Tips for Hunting Coyote at Night


Knowing how to hunt a coyote at night isn’t just an extremely efficient way to capture them. It is also a great way to spend more time in the field and out of your home.

Once the days get short and the nights long, still you can get your coyote hunting fix by altering your hunting methods to adapt to the conditions.  The ideal thing on hunting a coyote at night is that it’s deadly efficient. Keep safe and be 100 percent sure of the target before firing or pulling the trigger. Things have a propensity to look different during nighttime than daytime.