How to Prepare for Hunting7 min read

It is imperative for you to take a deep breath and create a list for all the things you need to do for your hunting trips. Some people list down the things they need to do before hunting season every year, but some don’t. Some people saved their written files including their hunting preparation list to save a little amount of time. You can also do that but make sure you will change some of your steps with your idea that will make your hunting preparation much better.

The following are the tips that will help you to be prepared for your up-coming hunting journey. These are some of the essential things that will surely help you to have a successful hunting journey.  I am sure that all of these tips will help you in your hunting preparation. I hope that you will consider the tips listed below for your hunting trip preparation. Keep on reading this article and find some of the best tips that you must do before your hunting journey. Enjoy!

Mental Preparation

How to Prepare for Hunting

Thriving and surviving in an area you are not familiar with needs your stronger mental strength. There are lots of mental and tactical decisions that you will do to make your hunting journey successful. Being knowledgeable about hunting can be done by reading some informational hunting books that have tips that will make you prepare for your hunting trip. Through this, it will maintain your mind on its right mental condition, as for your hunting trip preparation.

Do an Extensive Research

Being knowledgeable enough about the characteristics and behavior of your target animal will help you a lot in hunting. Also, do some research about the roads and location of your desired hunting base. If you are a first-time hunter, you can research about the do’s and don’ts that you must do while you are on your hunting journey. Being knowledgeable enough will help you to have a successful hunting trip.

Collect Reliable Data and Information

The summer season can be your perfect day to hunt animals such as deer in your hunting location. It is best for you if you are going to spend some of your times in the forest waiting for the signs of deer appearance. Furthermore, your intel must be kept organized so that, you will be ensured that you are still in the right area.

Get Registered

Hunting is a dangerous yet adventurous sport. It will be dangerous if you will not take it seriously. There are lots of people who think that Hunter Safety is one of the crucial courses to participate. You can study this Hunter Safety course online, and you must be evaluated with an instructor who ensures you understand and learn the course correctly and have enough knowledge to keep safe during the hunting trips.

After finishing the whole class, you will now gain your legal tags and hunting license that will permit you to hunt birds and animals in the forest legally. Your license will be your permission to do hunting in any area legally as you want to. Understanding the rules and regulations of your desired area is also necessary.

Find the Right hunting Location

To have a safer hunting trip, you must search the hunting area that will suit you, a couple of weeks before the starting day of your hunting journey. Your land or property or public areas are some of the perfect hunting areas that you may conduct your animal hunting. The land owned by other people may also be your hunting area, but make sure that you have the permission of the landowner.

Prepare your Rifle or Bow

How to Prepare for Hunting

The very first step that you should include to your hunting preparation list is to prepare all your things such as your weapon. But before putting it inside your car, you should clean it first and must be in a tip-top shape. It is also essential to be sure enough that your site is aligned correctly before you start your hunting trip every season.

There are some local range practices which enable you to adjust your either bow or rifle that will make you ready to hunt when you landed at your hunting base. If your site is not aligned properly, then it might end up giving you a dearly cost during your hunting trip. There is going to be a tale about someone who got away that no one would like to tell.

Talk to the Farmers

There are just a little number of people who are knowledgeable enough about the things going on in a particular hunting area rather than its farmers. Farmers usually spend their whole hours in baling hay, spraying, and planting during the summer season, and I am sure that they are the one who has lots of knowledge about the characteristics and behavior of any animals including deer.

Be Organized

After establishing all your legal paper works and the things you need as well, it is time for you to organize yourself and be prepared for your hunting trip. Some areas have paths that are snowy and in some cases steep paths. You must be prepared to take your long time hunting trip with these kinds of instances. Hunters believed that a hunter who takes a more extended hunting trip would conduct their animal hunt successfully.

Get in Shape

Getting in good shape is one of the requirements that you must have if you want to conduct some animal hunting activities. Spend your extra time having some exercises such as walking, jogging, running or everything that might help you to be in good condition and stronger muscles. Having a well-shaped body will avoid you from having painful strains because of dragging a large deer or a buck to your hunting base area.

Understanding Regulations

Before you go to your hunting base, you must understand and know the rules and regulations about the jurisdictions of the area you want to hunt. This is also a significant factor to consider if you want to hunt in a location which you are not familiar with yet. Do not think that all of the rules about the jurisdictions in different locations are just the same. This will cause your hunting trip to fail.

It is beneficial for you to understand and to have knowledge about the local laws of your desired hunting area instead of taking yourself in a place you can’t imagine. In this generation, you can now easily know and understand the rules and regulations implemented in the area you want to hunt through the use of technology. I think all of us have our mobile phones and WiFi connections. Thus there will be no reason for you to not to know the rules about the jurisdictions of your desired hunting area. With enough knowledge about the rules and regulations of the area you want to have your hunting trips, you will prevent yourself from being in a hot seat.

Don’t Forget Your Tags and License

Despite your knowledge and understanding about the rules and regulations of the area you want to hunt, it is still needed to have your valid tags and hunting license inside your pocket to have a legal authorization of hunting in that area. This is just your safest step on hunting in a place where you are not familiar with for now. Even if you are a first-time hunter, it is always a must for you to bring your valid tags and hunting license.

If you want to hunt some animals such as deer, you must be sure that you are legally hunting in that area. If you didn’t have enough legal paperwork’s on hunting such as tags and hunting license, there is a serious case that you might encounter as the consequences to your actions.

Make sure you Have Enough Ammunition

Your bow and rifle will be useless during your hunting trips if there is a case that you accidentally left your ammunition inside your garage or house. Be sure that your ammunition is sufficient for the time you stay in your desired hunting area. Your ammunition will also protect you from dangers that might happen during your hunting trips.

If you are a first-time hunter, judging your hunting area might be hard for you and it is best if you would ask some expert hunters for some hunting advice.

Pack for Warmth

Your hunting trip is one of the reasons which make you happy. It can be your excellent way to have a stronger and enjoyable bond with your relatives and family members, but if your clothes that will warm you up were not packed inside your bad, I think your hunting experience will not be that great as what you think.

Make sure that your warmer clothes are packed altogether such as your hat, coat, warm jacket and your favorite pair of thicker and warmer pair of gloves. If you conduct your hunting trip during the warmer season, these warm clothes were not needed to be inside your bag. But for emergency purposes, you can still bring all of these and leave it inside your hunting base. Be a boy scout that is always ready at all times.

Don’t Forget your Rain Gear

How to Prepare for Hunting

Weather usually changed from time to time, so it will be best for you if you are going to pack your rain gears inside your bag during your hunting trips. It has a higher chance that it will rain during your hunting trips some other time. It will always be right for you if you are going to purchase a waterproof raincoat (if you don’t have one) as your protection in case of unexpected rains.

Other hunters will use to stay in their hunting base if there the unexpected rains occur, but during the rain, you will have a higher chance to hunt animals such as deer. For your information, deer are docile and have not such active senses during rainy conditions. If you have your emergency waterproof raincoat and go hunting during rainy days, it is your great advantage to hunt the deer that you want.

Avoid Hunger and Stay Hydrated

It is a long and tiring process to wait for an animal, especially a deer to pass in your hunting base. It is always the best way if you are going to stay there for a longer time, which means you need to be relaxed and calm while waiting, if possible.

The previous tips are all about your clothing and other gears and accessories that will maintain your body heat. And it is always important to have enough food and water to avoid your hunger and stay hydrated while you are waiting for the deer to appear.

Finding the Right Ration Balance

One of the most significant problems that you might encounter during your hunting trips is to have an insufficient number of rations that you will use throughout the week. Food is a significant factor that you must carry when you plan to have your hunting trips. But bring enough foods for you to have a lighter backpack for foods. If you have no idea of what and how much food is enough for your long hunting trip, then it is also the time that you must consult an expert hunter and asks for some advice.


It is a tough job for you, especially if you are a first-time hunter to think about the things you need to know, understand and to prepare. I hope the said tips listed above help you to make yourself prepared before your hunting journey. Also, never forget to be with your friend if you are a first-timer, but you can do hunt all by yourself if you want to. It will always be your choice. But for me, it would be best for you to have an expert hunter as your companion in case of emergency.