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It is very vital to hide a trail camera concealing it from the view of robbers and burglaries, and you can utilize it for a prolonged period. However, the common question is how to hide your trail camera rightly.  There are many suggestions as a landscape to hide trail camera may differ from one option to other. Therefore the idea of putting a camera will be every changing it depends on the premise.

However, there are some general recommendations, which in spite of the type of landscape that will assist you to choose the location and position of your cameras. Read on the tips on how to hide your trail camera that is gathered from people’s experiences.

How to Hide Trail Cameras
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Why Hide Trail Cameras?

Inefficiently hiding a trail camera has resulted in a lot of nuances to a lot of users in due course. Among these nuances are having the unit stolen or having a shot of just faces of animals.

These occurrences could have avoidable if the trail camera has been concealed from common sight or eye level. This is also avoidable through planned mounting of the trail camera.

As seen in conditions like these, it’s evident that efficiently mounting a camera will save you the trail camera itself and money. Not just that, you’ll save effort because you can take the perfect shots in a single quality effort.

Contrary to popular belief, knowing how to hire a trail camera is easy and will not cost you a lot of money. It only takes an observation, proper planning and efficient execution of the plan you have in mind.

How to Conceal Trail Cameras

Efficiently hiding a trail camera is composed of various matters. But, in spite of the many considerations, these are simple to address. It takes a bit of creativity and some materials you may even have at your homes.

Look for the Right Location

Inefficiently and effectively hiding a trail camera, one of the most crucial features is the location. This follows the notion that your location will decide the perspective you’re going to have for pictures or photos. The location will also determine whether the camera is noticeable to the naked eye of robbers or not. The majestic shots of the wild that you wish to have is just a few inquiries away.

Choose Smaller Size of Trail Camera

If you want to keep your trail camera hidden, it is advisable to opt to small version. It is simpler to conceal a small trail camera because you can easily use the benefit of small size device while keeping it away from other’s site.

So, it is smart to buy a small sized trail camera as this one is easy to conceal. While purchasing the model, check for a quiet model that operate smoothly. Silent operation of a trail camera helps the device to keep unnoticed for a prolonged period.

Switch Off the Flash

The flash option is helpful for taking a shot but it also attracts the view of the trespasser in your property, it doesn’t matter if it is a thief or an animal. There’s an option for utilizing black flash, or there’s an option for using while flash as well. Switching the flash is a smart way of keeping your trail camera unnoticed to a large extent.

On the other hand, you have to keep the lens of your camera clean, so the lens vision stays perfect for taking a high-quality picture. You have to check it in a predetermined interval most fundamentally in the rainy season or fall.

The Best Location

Knowing how to conceal a trail camera begins by asking the locals about or assessing the location. Consider the areas which animals visit most often and try to look for a sturdy and big tree in which area. In case you’re not familiar with the location, ask residents living in that area because they are knowledgeable of the site and the activities of the animal as well.

Don’t forget to ask them about the danger zones. Doing this will save your trail camera from losing, time as well as your safety and your life in general.

Ask them regarding the most active moments in the woods and the animals that you can look forward to. Inquire about the highly suggested season and a specific time of the day of action in advance.

High Beyond the Ground

A useful tip from professional and season trail camera users wouldn’t suggest you mount your camera within eye level. Putting trail cameras within eye level is easier for robbers to find it and so steal it.

Aside from the safety concerns, this level of viewpoint will be apparent to animals which may hinder the view. Aside from the issue of angles and views, the problem of having animal destroying the cameras is also prevented.

To avoid getting your camera in these cases, put it at least ten feet above eye level. It is also highly suggested that you mount your trail camera away from the main trunk of the trees. Trail camera robbers are more likely to take a look at these parts of the tree before plotting how to un-strap it. Use a ladder to strap the trail camera in higher parts of the tree. This makes it hard for them to reach your trail camera.

Long time users of trail camera also suggest that you mount your trail camera in thick, big as well as tough branches. Apart from keeping the unit safe and sound, this place will also provide you a bird’s eye view of it that opens up lots of opportunities for a remarkable shot.

Concealing Down Low

Knowing how to conceal trail cameras below eye level is an efficient and effective way for hiding. In concealing your camera below eye level, think about surrounding plants and bushes. These plants do great in hiding your unit because they will cover it up.

On the other hand, always keep in mind the view. You have to ensure that the grass and bushes and surrounding trees and plants don’t get in the way of your view. Of course, you don’t want to get an image that will compose of green grass leaves and blades. So, to avoid this, try to take a picture of the area from the position you plan to place it.

Check whether the grass leaves are blocking the view or if the location is too low for you. If you notice that the shot cover what you like, then you are good to go. But, if not, look for other angles or locations wherein you do not need to make use of a ladder.

There are many users of trail camera that utilize dead trunks of trees or stumps cluttered around the wood. There are also users that create holes in those dead trunks wherein their trail cameras can fit.

The stumps are big enough to cover the trail cameras and so conceal it properly from plain sight. The stumps are very reliable in hiding your camera, thus securing the unit from robbers as well as even wild animals.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Hiding Trail Cameras

However, in keeping in mind this option, you have to ensure that even if the trunk of the tree is dead, still it is rooted in the soil. Attaching trail camera in a stump which is no longer rooted to the soil can be relatively risky.

A stump which is no longer rooted is susceptible to get robbed unconsciously because people will think it’s only a usual or no longer used stump. It is essential to ensure that the view you have from the perspective provides you what you desire. You also need to ensure that it’s not as low as to the level where you can no longer view anything but feet as well as low-lying grass blades. Try the same trial and error approach stated above to know if you have a perfect view and work on if needed.


These are only some of the most reliable and effective tips you can follow in keeping your trail cameras conceal at your best advantage. Installation preference and landscape nature might differ to a higher level for users, on the other hand, using keeping these tips in mind you can keep your trail cameras safe and sound as well as working for a long period.

It’s a sheer fact that there’s no formula of settling on how to conceal trail cameras as it’s always a dynamic plan. Depending on the type of landscape you have that will give you best benefit out of your trail camera installation.

On the other hand, you can look for an expert or professional consultation in setting up your trail cameras where your reason of watching and monitoring will be served as well as the unit will be placed securely safe from the prying eyes of robbers and thieves. Trail cameras are expensive, so make sure it is safe always.


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