How to Detect Trail Cameras3 min read

When you think about wildlife happenings, one of the first things that come to mind is a trail camera.  Hunters use trail cameras to capture clear images of animals. The hunting season wouldn’t be complete without trail cameras. But, did you know that a trail camera is also used for security purposes? The cameras are installed in or out of an establishment to tighten the security of the building.

Trail cameras are installed in the entrance of a house or store in the spot where people wouldn’t notice it.  In this way, the transactions in an office are filmed. It also goes similar to the wilderness where hunters observe the movement of animals.  

It’s easy and convenient for the hunters or researches to film animals and take pictures due to the infrared technology of a trail camera. Also, a trail camera is very affordable, so you don’t have any trouble buying it.

Since trail cameras are usually hidden, how do you detect it?

Here are the following ways for you to detect a trail camera:

Observe the Trees and Shady Areas  

It’s evident that hunters or researchers would hide the camera on areas that people rarely notice. In this way, hunters can observe animals without any distractions. It’s also comfortable for researchers to install the camera in camouflaged areas where people and animals wouldn’t notice it.

Trail cameras are found on top of trees or shady areas.  You look at a tree branch, and you would see the camera there. Hunters cover the camera with leaves to ensure that people wouldn’t see it. Then, you observe large bushes where the camera is covered with leaves to secure the camera’s hiding spot.

Regarding security purposes, hiding the camera prevents thieves to notice it or stole it. So, if you to detect trail camera, you observe at the corners of the building’s entrance.

Camera Lens and Strap

If you think that cameras are hard to trace, think again.  Do you see the circular shape of the camera? You’re right if you think that’s the camera lens. If there’s one part of the camera that’s not covered, it’s the lens.  You observe the round shape of the camera o shady areas or trees, and you would see the camera there.

Also, the camera’s strap is visible even though it’s camouflaged on the tree. You observe the branches of the tree, and you would see the camera’s trap there.

What about detecting a trail camera in a building or establishment?

Well, you also look at the lens and the camera’s strap in the corner of an office entrance, and you can locate the camera. The camera’s lens is more visible than the cameras on in the wilderness.

Trail Cameras Are Installed Above Eye Level or Higher  

One of the best spots to locate trail camera is above eye levels of a tree.  You can trace the camera on vines, old stump shells or branches. The round shape of the camera lens would be visible as you get close to a tree’s branch.

For most hunters, a trail camera is put on the tree so that the camera can take clear images of any animal in the wilderness. Vines also add a camouflage effect on the camera’s location.  For most people, the camera isn’t noticeable, but if you look close, the camera would be visible in your eyes.

Regarding residential areas, a trail camera isn’t required to be camouflaged.  Most homeowners install the camera in the top corner of a room where people who enter or go out of the house would be filmed.

You wouldn’t find trail cameras on rivers or swamps because floods or water could damage the camera.  

Be Familiar with Trail Cameras

It would be difficult for you to detect a trail camera if you’re not familiar with it.  So, you take note of the trail cameras that are common for hunters or researchers to buy. If you’re familiar with the appearance of the camera, it’s easy for you to see it.

It also helps if you have a little background about trail cameras because it would be easy for you to recognize it.  You take note of the best places where the camera would be put by hunters. The following factors determine the camera’s location:

  • The convenience of the trail camera user
  • Agenda of  the hunter or researcher  
  • Camouflage purposes
  • Security  reasons

Observe for Any Food Source

How to Detect Trail Cameras

For hunters, it’s a benefit to putting food in the camera’s location so that they can capture their preys easily.  It also aids the hunter to have a close look at the animals they would hunt. If you’re in the wilderness and see food near a tree, you’re sure that a trail camera is on the tree.

Other hunters also put the trail camera on grassy areas and leave food close to the camera.  But before they put the camera there, they make sure to camouflage the camera. In this way, they’re assured that no animals or people would see the camera.

Also, you take note of the following in detecting trail cameras:


Trail cameras need to be in the right location for it to take clear shots. The best places where you can see it are on top of trees or its branches. Vines provide a camouflage effect that keeps the camera hidden from animals or people.


Trail or game cameras serve two purposes: wilderness and security.  In the wild, hunters would place the camera in grassy areas or trees. It’s comfortable for hunters to take pictures of animals in that location.  Regarding the security purposes, you would find trail camera in the entrance of a house or building. The camera could be in the corner where people would not notice it.

Trail cameras serve useful at home or wilderness. You can use it to take a picture or film animals or people. So, are you ready to detect a trail camera today? Come now and follow the tips in this article!  You would be sure that finding trail cameras wouldn’t be difficult for you.