How Are Binoculars Rated?3 min read

Binoculars are a big help to people that loves to go hiking, adventuring and even to those who call themselves hunters. It is a big break contribution to them because it helps them a lot in looking for the best and excellent view or things that they could find using this product. This comes in different variety of sizes for various outdoor activities that you want to have or to do.  It also shows fine details, pops up colors and it can give you more chances to identify what you can see through looking to your product. It is also famous for bird watching because in some places beautiful birds are flying through the sky.

That is why this product is top selling because of natures beautiful gift that people needs to see. With the help this small telescope you can enjoy your sightseeing and make the most of it. But also you must know the pros and cons of having a binocular. You must know how to rate your item by knowing the speculations and identifying the parts if it is doing well or not. But what if you don’t know what part of your product needs to be rated? Well, you must know so that you can make sure that you have bought a real binocular and not fake.

There are things that you need to know on how you can rate your own, it may be tricky to analyze and to do, but still, you must teach yourself so others can’t fool you.  Just remember all the details in using it and avoid rotating pressing and even dropping it on your first use.  Because even you are not doing that and you undergo complications you cannot avail its warranty because you also damaged it.

You also need to understand its number of magnification, objective lens diameter, and it is exit pupil if all of that is 100% working and well functioning.  There are elements of a binocular that you must know in rating your item.

Elements of Ratings 

How Are Binoculars Rated?
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  1. Magnification

You must know how far your binocular gets through a long distance of place. You must know it number written beside the letter”X.” Example it has the range of 10x it means that you can see a bird that flews 10000 meters from the sky and it will only turn into a 100 meters long.  You also need to know that you can surely see clearly and work with it properly. An original magnification number is written in the downward of the left that you can easily see when tilting it. Also, make sure that when you buy your product, you must have the exact manual so you can fix it when both sides aren’t working right like one is near, and one is far. You will get confused and can lead to temporary headache and dizziness.

  1. Body Construction Quality

You must know who made it, what are the materials used, and how it was made. You need to have enough information to know what its good quality is. Also, compare a binocular to others to see if its shape are alike, but some of them are fat and short and some are thin and long. But you must determine if its length and size are the same and equally cut to two small and big holes.  Make sure that its diopter adjustments and focusing wheel work so you can calibrate your binocular easy and fast, also see if it has rusted in its edges because some of them have rusts because they use fake metal than its true metal.

  1. Body Status

Its weight and body balance is also important because if one part of it is heavier than the other side, it can cause its fast breakage to unbalance weight of the handles. Especially for compact binocular that will always be smaller and lighter than a full size one, its weight may not be balanced, but it is natural because when rotating its diopter adjustments can make its weight balance because of the long distance that can be

Reach by the item.  You also need to be more considerate because some are not in the balanced weight because all of them has different manufacturer, but still, be careful in buying this kind of item if not proven effective.

  1. Optical Components Quality

Make sure you the item that you will buy won’t affect your eyesight because of too much contrast coming from the item. Make sure that you use binoculars that have their leans are fully coated and fully multi-coated. To know if your item is fully coated, there is a small rounded plastic attached from its lens with a print mark that says it is fully coated. But make sure that its coat of a white and thick plastic alike cover, because that will help you from getting your eyes from getting irritated and it can cause to temporary headache or dizziness, allowing you to not go on to your activity or adventure. Also, ask if they use low dispersion glass or any special lens coating to avoid getting these side effects.

  1. Field of View or Exit pupil

Also, ask if it has a good exit pupil that you can benefit a lot and can improve your optical system and not a burden to your eyes every time you look to its lenses. Seeing a large amount of field of view can help satisfy your viewing even though you are so far away. Always pick the best exit pupil that you can see beside the lens of your item. Having an exit pupil that has seven millimeters is enough to see your field of view clearly, and you won’t encounter that much light and contrast from your binocular. The benefit of having a better exit pupil is you can see thoroughly even in the dark.

Now we will help you to rate your item with these numbers;

  • 0-40% – Poor
  • 40-50% – Below Average
  • 60 – 70% – Above average
  • 70 – 80% – Excellent
  • 80 – 90% – Outstanding
  • 90 – 100% – The VERY BEST!