Cheapest Hunting Trips with Budget Breakdown5 min read

Do you love going on a hunting trip? Well, it is right for you to know the cheapest hunting trips.

Hunting trip is considered as one of the most popular activities that anyone can have. From excitement to fulfillment, you can never go wrong going hunting. However, before leaving the doors of your home, see to it that all your stuff are already and you have the idea about the cheapest hunting trips you can ever experience.

While different hunting trips continue to become more expensive, you can still find various neat adventures that are just within your reach. Whether you want to harvest some whitetails in your home state and neighboring states or you merely want to expand your bowhunting horizons within your range having a new set of adventures, you need to plan your budget.

Here, you will definitely discover some of the most affordable hunting trips where you will be able to encounter new species and as well as acquire new hunting skills and confidence.

So, here we go!


Cheapest Hunting Trips with Budget Breakdown
IDAHO ELK by usdagov on flickr

If you leave in the state of Arizona, you still have the chance to hunt Idaho Elk. This is because it has no shortage in different areas you wanted to explore.

One of the best places for you to find Idaho elks is in the Sawtooth National Forest. This is where you can find their habitat. With more than 2 million acres of meadows, pine forest as well as quaking aspen, it is impossible for you not to see them. This location is composed of moderate foothills and vertical canyons.

Next to Sawtooth National Forest is the Caribou-Targhee Forest. In the 3 million acres, Idaho Elks consider this place to be one of their main habitats. Grasses browse, and ag fields are their food sources. For you to hunt them, you need to go to state forests, national forests, and private lands.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Camping (National Forest): $0
  • Fuel ($2.50 per gallon for 15 mpg vehicle, 3,500 miles): $585
  • Food ($25 per day for 10 days): $250
  • Archery permit, hunting license, and elk tag: $591.50
  • Meat processing ($.95 per pound, 300 lbs): $285

TOTAL: $1,711.50

To save money, you can store the meat in your cooler with the dry ice. This will help you process the meat as you get home.


Cheapest Hunting Trips with Budget Breakdown

In South Dakota, a substantial number of mule deer that exists. In fact, they are abundant in the public land with light hunting pressure of the trophy potential and reliable populations.

Mule deer consider Missouri River Breaks to an ideal habitat because of the cedar-dotted hills and brushy canyons. Badlands with different rock formations, sprawling grasslands, and deep canyons and Blackhill where you can find ponderosa pines, as well as steep canyons, are considered to be outstanding locations for this deer. Also, you can see them in Northwest South Dakota having sage-dotted prairies and pine forests. Their food sources include grasses, sunflowers, alfalfa, and corn.

To hunt mule deer, you need to explore private lands that are enrolled to Walk-In Area program, Buffalo Gap National Park, Black Hills National Forest, state game production areas and Custer National Forest.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Lodging ($60 per night, 7 days): $420
  • Fuel ($2.50 per gallon for 15 mpg vehicle, 1,700 miles): $285
  • Food ($20 per day, seven days): $140
  • Private land trespass fee: $500
  • Deer license: $286

TOTAL: $1,631

You can consider a tent camping opportunity for you to save money.


Cheapest Hunting Trips with Budget Breakdown

One of the most favorite hunting targets of many is whitetail. Luckily, you can find an amazing number of whitetails in Nebraska. As Nebraska borders Kansas’ and Iowa’s whitetail wonderlands, you can have the opportunity to find the perfect spot to hunt whitetails. Tags are known to be sold over the counter together with discounted prices.

Locations like Eastern Nebraska (lightly wooded bluffs and rolling hills), Southern Nebraska (river bottoms and prairies), Sandhills (rolling hills with cedars, drainages and some cottonwood stands), and Pine Ridge (rolling to vertical terrains and ponderosa pines) are known to be the whitetails habitat. Alfalfa, acorns, beans, and corn are the common food sources of whitetails.

If you wonder where you can hunt Nebraska whitetails, you can consider places like state wildlife management areas, state parks, national grasslands, and national forests.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Lodging ($50 per night, 7 days): $350
  • Fuel ($2.50 per gallon for 15 mpg vehicle, 1,700 miles): $285
  • Food ($20 per day, 7 days): $140
  • Habitat stamp and deer license: $26

When you choose to camp out during warmer weather for $0 to $10 each night, you will be able to save money from $280 by up to $350.


Cheapest Hunting Trips with Budget Breakdown

If you still have no idea where you can find an outstanding number of Antelopes, why not try to explore Wyoming. Although you are new to Western hunting but love the taste of antelope steaks, Wyoming is the perfect spot for you.

Antelope typically stay in habitats like Lusk, Gillette, and Casper. This is due to the flat and rolling prairies that are dotted with sage and drainages. Their common food sources are grasses, forbs, sagebrush, and alfalfa.

You can Wyoming antelope in places like Walk-In Areas, state land, landowner or hunter assistance program and BLM land.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Lodging ($18 per night in the campground, 7 days): $126
  • Fuel ($2.50 per gallon for 15 mpg vehicle, 3,050 miles): $510
  • Food ($20 per day, 7 days): $140
  • Hunting license, conservation stamp, application fee, and archery license: $ 328.50

TOTAL: $1,104.50

In this hunting trip, you have the chance to save money. You can do this with your food costs. It is ideal for you to prepare your camping meals at home. Then, freeze them for inexpensive and easy to prepare dinners. Thus, you can be sure that you will be consuming delicious and healthy meals.


Cheapest Hunting Trips with Budget Breakdown

Did you know that for as low as $2,000, you will be able to hunt moose? In fact, it can be lower than that. This can be possible if you are going to prefer hunting the Last Frontier and be flexible enough on the antler size.

The best place to see moose is in the Fairbanks. This is due to the urban with rolling hills, swamps, flats, and low-lying bogs. Alder and willow browse, and grasses are their primary food sources.

You can hunt moose in the areas like national forests, Fairbanks Management Area and state forest.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Economy rental car (includes fuel): $300
  • Flight (From Minneapolis to Fairbanks including the baggage): $550
  • Camping (State lands): $0
  • Food ($15 per day, 10 days): $150
  • Annual hunting license and moose tag: $960

TOTAL: $1,960

If you aim to save money from this hunting trip, you need to think of a cost-effective solution to bring all the meat to your home. You need to be aware that you need to spend extra dollars to transport the meat because moose are known to be heavy critters. However, you can choose to process by yourself where you can freeze it. Then, pack the meat to prepare it for shipping to your home overnight. This way, you will be able to save compared to the amount you will spend with the baggage fees at the airport.


Cheapest Hunting Trips with Budget Breakdown

Bears like spring black bear are considered to be one of the most significant species that can help you expand your skills while saving an amount of money. You can do this by tree stand hunts over bait or spot-and-stalk. The spot-and-stalk strategy will depend on your ability in hitting a paper plate at twenty yards.

You can consider hunting spring black bear near the coastal areas. This is because of the rolling hills, flats, river bottoms, cedars, ponderosa pines, and prairies.  Also, they typically feed on insects, plants, fruits, honey, nuts, small mammals, carrots and salmon.

You can hunt spring black bears in the national parks, private lands, state forests, and state wildlife management areas.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Lodging ($20 per night in the campground, 7 days): $140
  • Fuel ($2.50 per gallon for 15 mpg vehicle, 3,500miles): $585
  • Food ($20 per day, 7 days): $140
  • Hunting license, conservation stamp, and archery license: $ 228.50

TOTAL: $1,093.50

If you want to save some amount, you can prefer preparing your camping meals at home. This way you will be able to monitor the food you are going to eat as well as control your budget on food. Thus, see to it that you will be preparing cheap yet nutritious foods.

Now, you do not need to spend a lot of money to explore and satisfy your hunting horizons. Different hunting trips can match your budget while improving or acquiring hunting skills.

So, the next that you will go for hunting activities consider the above list of cheapest hunting trips! Enjoy your hunting trips folks!


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