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When people think about hunting, the first things that come to their minds are recreational fun and healthy meals. However, the benefits of hunting are more than that. This activity is considered to be not only a unique way of life, but it can be a connection between people and the environment.

You might think that going on a hunting activity can be costly. This can happen if you will not be careful when it comes to camping meals. You need to exert extra effort to look for the cheapest camping meals and let yourself save a significant amount of money.

One of the exciting things about hunting is that there is no need for you to give away or consume the contents of your fridge strategically before leaving. In fact, you can bring some of your food items as you go to your destination.

Here, you can have the best time to discover the cheapest camping means that you bring going hunting and how much you will spend.


Cheapest Camping Meals for Hunting
Omelet cooking class via Joint Base San Antonio

For a nutrient-packed and cheap camping meal, an omelet is a perfect food option for you. You will only need a gallon-sized Ziploc bad as well as boiling water to make a sumptuous homemade omelet to be shared by your whole team. You will only spend around $7.99 for the 3-egg omelet.

This is an ideal breakfast as you start your hunting activities. To prepare this camping meal, all you have to do is to crack the eggs into each Ziplock bag. You have the choice of whether you would prefer two eggs or 3 eggs per person. After that, add the toppings, including onions, peppers, cheese, sausage, spinach, ham and other ingredients on hand. Put them to the cooler. In the morning, you will need to boil water in a large pot. Drop each Ziploc bag into the boiling water. You will wait for about 12 to 13 minutes to cook the omelets.

After waiting for a few minutes, carefully remove the food out of the bags. Then, slide them to the plates and enjoy!


Cheapest Camping Meals for Hunting

When it comes to cheap yet delicious camping meals, egg sandwiches should be on your list. These foods are not just for an everyday meal; it is also a must-have during hunting. In fact, they can be amazing when warmed in the fire. With a simple ingredient list and preparation, you will enjoy each of your munch.

For only $1.07 per egg sandwich, you can start your day with full of energy. You will need eggs, breakfast sausages, sliced cheddar cheese, whole milk, and English muffins. Simply make them all together and freeze them. Instead of using plastic wrap, you can use foil to wrap the sandwiches. Add them into the cooler.

In the morning, warm the egg sandwiches on the coals or a grill. Just make sure that you will monitor them and never work away because it will only take a few moments to warm them. After that, they are ready to eat.

Breakfast with individual portions is a good idea so that everyone can get a good camping meal and jump-start their day.


Cheapest Camping Meals for Hunting

Apart from enjoying tacos alone, they can also be in the form of soup. With jus quick and easy preparation and a budget of $8.99, you can feed up to 6 persons.

Taco soup is known to be hearty, thick and crowd pleaser. So, there is no way for you or even your companions not to love a spoonful taco soup. There is no need for you to be a kitchen expert to cook this delicious camping meal. Just enjoy the preparation, and you will end up with the flavor and aroma you will love.

For the taco soup ingredients, you will need 1 lb of cooked ground beef, 2 cups of canned beans or homemade beans, two cans of stewed tomatoes, one pack of taco seasoning and 1 cup canned or frozen corn. Combine all the ingredients into the pot and cook them together. After cooking them, you need to put them in the resealable freezer bags and freeze them. When frozen already, add them into your cooler.

When you are ready to consume your homemade taco soup, all you need to do is to dump all the contents into the pot and let them simmer. For toppings, do not forget to bring along the all-time favorite Fritos and get ready to eat.

Who said that taco soup is only for home or restaurant? This food option is also perfect to be part of your meal during your hunting activities, whether as lunch or dinner.

As your stomach gets full, make yourself ready to explore the environment.


Cheapest Camping Meals for Hunting
BUTTERMILK PANCAKES via kurmanphotos

Who would not like to eat hot pancakes in the morning? In facts, pancakes taste better if you are the one who prepares and made them. Also, you will only need $0.22 per serving to enjoy these soft and mouth-watering pancakes.

Before leaving your home and go straight to your hunting area, whip up the homemade buttermilk pancakes ingredients. These ingredients include 2 tsp baking powder, 2 cups of sifted flour, 1 tsp baking soda, two eggs, 1 tsp salt, 2 cups of buttermilk, 2 tbsp unsalted and melted butter and 2 tbsp sugar. Put the batter in the gallon-sized Ziploc bag and freeze overnight. You can consider freezing it flat so that you can easily place it in your cooler.

When it is time for you to consume the buttermilk pancakes, the batter is already thawed and quite ready to use. In the Ziploc bag’s corner, you need to bunch the batter and cut the edge. This way, you can create a perfect dispenser in forming your pancakes.

You will wait for a few minutes to cook the pancakes. Throw your favorite syrup on the pancakes and enjoy your meal.


Cheapest Camping Meals for Hunting

By adding pizza to your hunting meal plan, you can create an exciting mealtime. This recipe is one of the crowd pleasers not just for ordinary days, but also every time you will go for a hunting trip. Do not leave your home without having a campfire pizza on your packs!

To prepare this camping meal, you need to roll out the dough into a rectangular shape. You can choose whether to make your pizza dough or prefer the refrigerated one. Add the ½ cup tomato sauces, 7 ounces of mozzarella cheese and the toppings that you would like to add. You might want to consider using up the meats and veggies from your fridge. From one end, roll up the dough as if you are making some cinnamon rolls and then, pinch the ends to create a seamless pizza log. To add color, you can top the pizza a little parsley. Wrap the pizza log in a foil and freeze it.

It will be a nice idea to keep the pizza cool and thaw it until you want it to be cooked during your dinner. You can simply put it in the log or cook it on your griller for about 25 minutes while flipping it often. Once that you noticed that it is already done, cut it apart and serve.

Fresh pizza can be considered a rare commodity while hunting. But with just $5.22, you will be able to enjoy a slice of campfire pizza.


Cheapest Camping Meals for Hunting
Eclair by Tracy Hunters

Why not add some desserts for your camping meal plan! With just three simple ingredients, you will definitely satisfy your cravings for sweets.

For just $12, you will be able to make 18 campfire eclairs. You will need one pack of crescent rolls, chocolate frosting, and cool whip. Warp the crescent rolls around the hotdog sticks. Make sure that the rolls are closed tightly around the end of your stick.

Once that you are ready to cook your campfire eclairs, hold over the hot coals with constant turning to prevent them from burning. It will take you for about 10 minutes to cook these desserts. This will give you enough time to prepare them well and come off the sticks easily when they are done. After that, fill them with cool whip and chocolate frosting on top. You have the freedom to switch from different variations of filling where you can choose various pudding flavors.

Complete your lunch or dinner with these delicious and easy to prepare desserts. It will only take you few dollars to much campfire eclairs and make a satisfying mealtime.

With the above cheapest camping meals, you will need to worry about your budget when going on a hunting trip. You can be sure that the food you are going to eat is healthy, delicious and carefully prepared.

Now, you will not think that a camping meal needs to be expensive so that you can assure that it comes with rich taste and quality. All you have to do is to do some experiments, and you will be able to get the cheapest camping meals that you are looking for.



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