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Badly in need of a Bushnell trail camera but don’t know which among the variations would suit best to your budget and individual need? We’ve got a solution for you! Here, you’ll find 5 of the best trail cameras available from Bushnell. So, keep reading to find out!

Bushnell Trail Camera Overview

Also known as Bushnell Outdoor Products, the Bushnell Corporation is widely popularly for their stellar products both in imaging and optics. Among their top products include binoculars, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders, telescopes, and game cameras.

Their collection of trail cameras boasts aggressive styling and ruggedness, which makes it extremely unique than other brands. Each product is simple to program, have high resolutions, quick recovery and trigger speed, and long-range nighttime flash capacity.

So without further ado, here are 5 Best Bushnell trail cameras we think will complement well with your budget and need of a trail camera.

Quick Answer: Top 5 Bushnell Trail Camera in 2019


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1.Bushnell 12 MP Trophy Game Camera HD Essential E2

Top 5 Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews in 2019
Bushnell 12 MP Trophy Game Camera HD Essential E2

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Robust design
  • Small and compact
  • 12 MP resolution
  • 3 trigger speed
  • Delivers high-quality imaged and video clips
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable, but lasts long
  • Some issues about the battery life

Durable. Compact. Small. 12 MP high-quality full-color resolutions. Quality video clips and images.

Get ready to impress both your preference and wallet with Bushnell 12 MP Trophy Game Camera. Its durable design can stand the test of time. Compact and small, a good travel buddy anywhere.

Its trigger speed of 0.3 seconds doesn’t allow you to miss any single shot. The auto sensor will help you know the difference between nighttime and daytime so you can take better photos. It is a reliable camera that can work a full year off of one set of batteries. The night flash feature lets you take pictures to a range of 100 feet.

2.Bushnell 14MP HD Aggressor No Glow Trail Camera

Top 5 Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews in 2019
Bushnell 14MP HD Aggressor No Glow Trail Camera

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • 14 MP high-resolution images
  • Good contrast and color photos
  • HD video with audio
  • Has multiple modes, settings, and options
  • Solar and external power sources compatibility
  • Weatherproof
  • The batteries are somewhat tough to remove
  • Some nighttime images are quite dark

Awesome trigger speed. Records still photos and 1080p HD video clips. Long nighttime photo range. Weatherproof.

Boasts an excellent in-game camera technology and is full of hunter-approved features. It has 14 MP high-resolution images and is capable of recording 1080p HD video clips and still images.

Also, this camera has an extended nighttime photo range and a fast speed of 0.2 seconds. You can adjust the PIR to high, medium, or low if you want, plus it features a Field Scan time-lapse mode. One of the best products of Bushnell, with a power that is set to impress everyone.

3.Bushnell 8MP HD Trail Camera

Top 5 Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews in 2019
Bushnell 8MP HD Trail Camera

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Compact feel and design
  • Strong and weatherproof
  • Full-color resolution at night and during the day
  • 6 seconds trigger speed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Night photos have a tendency to become dark
  • A bit blurred close up shots

Durable. A decent 8 megapixel still images. Has quality videos. Nighttime and daytime features. Fast trigger time.

Adding another quality Bushnell product on our list is the 8MP HD Trail Camera. This competitively priced trail camera is fully equipped with interesting features, such that taking photos and recording videos are a total breeze.

It has a great range of 60′ nighttime flash, plus its motion detection technology works in a similar range as well. Also featuring 0.6 seconds trigger speed and field scan mode. So, make sure not to pass it up if you want something that can make your outdoor adventure more notable.

4.Bushnell 119599C2 HD Trophy Cam

Top 5 Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews in 2019
Bushnell 119599C2 HD Trophy Cam

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Durable and sleek design
  • 14 megapixels and high-quality HD videos
  • Wireless
  • Easy to program
  • Good value
  • The batteries may be hard to remove

Incredibly robust. 14 MP high-resolution pictures. Comes with a 2.4-inch LCD display. 32-infrared no glow LED setting. 60 feet flash range.

If you want a trail camera that can withstand simple dents or weather conditions, the Bushnell 119599C2 is the way to go. The 2.4 inches LED display allows you to have a sight at your pictures without having the need to squint. Expect crisp and clear images with its 14 MP high-resolution photos.

This trail camera can even send photos thru AT&T GSM network. All you need is a data plan and a sim card. It also comes with a 32 infrared no glow LED setting, so you can take nighttime pictures without giving your target any small hint of your presence.

5.Bushnell 8 MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector

Top 5 Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews in 2019
Bushnell 8 MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Heavy-duty
  • Provides clear images
  • One second trigger speed
  • Long battery life
  • Mid-priced
  • Inconsistency in quality of pictures and videos especially in nighttime
  • No LCD screen to view photos

8 MP high-resolution images. Mid-priced. 60 feet flash detection range. Field Scan time-lapse technology.

The Bushnell 8 MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector is more than just a good design. It also has some unique features intended to turn any hunting or travel into an incredible one. The picture and video quality are one of the best full-color resolutions that buyers can get.

You won’t waste any valuable time getting the best shots, thanks to its one-second trigger speed. The field scan lapse time technology enables you to set up pictures to take at a time interval among two captured photos.

Final Verdict

The Bushnell brand is indeed a leader when it comes to producing high-performance trail cameras with different uses and features. Hence, choosing the right item might be quite difficult on your part.

All of these trail cameras from Bushnell deserve good recognition. But so far, my favorite is the Bushnell 12 MP Trophy Game Camera HD Essential 2. This trail camera really represents quality and brings complete satisfaction. Not to mention, the price is a bargain. Hence, it is not difficult getting one for you.

Nevertheless, all of these are a good option if you’re looking for a camera with higher resolution, close up shots of objects and animals, or others.

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