Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Review It is the Best Camera?4 min read

Do you know what makes the Browning one of the best camera providers today? It’s simple. It offers you one of the ideal game cameras in the market. The Browning Strike Force Game Camera has fantastic features that add to the excellent quality. You can expect satisfaction in buying this camera due to its style and performance.


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Of course, who wouldn’t forget about the price? Oh yes! This camera comes with a reasonable price you would love. Also, the performance it has is great, so you have satisfaction in using it. Let’s take a look at this review and see why this camera rocks!

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Review It is the Best Camera?
Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera

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  • What we like
  • What we dont like
  • The Zero Blur feature offer satisfaction in using the camera by giving you quality shots.
  • It’s loaded with excellent accessories such as TV-out, USB port and more.
  • The camera gives you a chance to download the software – Buck Watch if you don’t have a CD copy.
  • The camera has a small size that fits even when you put it on small trees.
  • You can have one year warranty with this product.
  • A few of the camera’s buttons are difficult to operate, so it’s a hassle for beginners.
  • The camera latch by a break due to incorrect usage.

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro Review

Browning surely provides a touch of excellence with this camera. Buyers and camera enthusiasts would be glad to operate its functions and see powerful results. Let’s take a further look at this product through the following:


The camera’s design is a visual treat for camera lovers. Why? The design serves as camouflage. The Master Lock cable adds to the crafty design that blends well with the camera strap.

Photo Quality

Now, here’s a sure treat for you – the Zero Blur and the 10MP picture quality. You can be sure that each photo you take would be a masterpiece. Also, the programmable delay option is excellent for an alternative.

Rapid Fire Functions

It’s adorable to capture multiple shots only in seconds. The Browning Strike Force camera doesn’t disappoint you due to its fast fire range. You can take eight images just in seconds.

Video Quality

Users would be happy to have an excellent video quality with this camera. The excellent video quality is excellent due to the video processor it has.


You wouldn’t have trouble reading the camera’s screen. Here, you would see a date, time, temperature and more. The natural programming makes the display operation easy.

Battery Life

No one doubts the battery life of this camera.  It’s powered by AA batteries that assure excellent performance.


Master Lock Cable

Feel the extra security in putting the camera on the tree due to this feature. The cable is perfect for any user due to the additional comfort it offers them. You try it and see how it works!

Zero Blur Feature

You take images at night, and you see excellent results. The Zero Blur feature makes this possible for you. Get ready to capture high-quality photos during nighttime! You would genuinely enjoy this fantastic feature that leaves your satisfaction every time you use it.

Multi-Shot Capability

Say hello to the modern age of game cameras with the Browning Strike Force. You can take eight shots in seconds. You would have satisfaction in seeing good quality images in each shot. You can also use a delay timer that enables you to set each shot. That’s only the beginning. Yo, wait until you discover its full potential.

HD Video Quality

Nothing beats the HD age!  Yes, are you excited to try it? The Browning Strike Force camera lets you feel the HD experience all the time. You would be happy with the result each time you take shots. Your videos would be explicit and where you would love it.

Buck Watch Software

You can capture each moment with ease as you the Buck Watch software. You can put the camera in the field and capture shots impressively. You try it, and you would love the result.


The camera package includes excellent accessories such as powerful jack, TV out and USB port.


[su_box title=”Can use any SD cards according to my preference” box_color=”#02ac00″]

No, it would be best to use Browning branded SD cards. You can try SanDisk or the Kingston SD cards. You have an assurance to capture quality images and videos using these cards. Here’s the real deal, you also put to consider the SD card size that you like.  You can choose up to 32GB to enable to shot many images and videos.

[/su_box] [su_box title=”How far is the recommended setup for the camera?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

You can’t expect to set the camera near or too far from the trail source. It’s best to put it 30 feet from the source. In this position, you would be able to capture clear and HD images. It also gives you a clear view of the surrounding fields. You can even make additional shots if you like.

[/su_box] [su_box title=”What are the best batteries I can use?” box_color=”#02ac00″]

You can use lithium or alkaline a power source for the camera. Batteries should be AA such as Energizer, and other Browning approved batteries.  It’s also best to use high-standard batteries for you to achieve excellent results. You would be happy with the time you can use the camera.


The Browning Strike Force camera suits you if you love to:

  • Take pictures or videos when you’re on vacation
  • Make videos when you’re deer hunting
  • Buy cameras that offer you good quality images all the time


The Browning Strike Force camera is perfect for beginners and pro camera user. It has an excellent design that matches the cable that offers security to the camera. The features such as the Zero Blur and Buck Watch feature provide satisfaction. You have the assurance of HD quality photo in using the camera.

The camera is perfect for users who want to achieve satisfaction in using cameras. You can have comfort, affordability, and quality in using this camera. There’s a chance that great result is open for buyers and users of the Browning Strike Force. You can try it today!


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