11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 201912 min read

Have been struggling to find the best trail camera under 100? Worry not! Here, we have compiled some of the best trail cameras you might want to consider on your next purchase!

Hunting game is undeniably very challenging. You might need many different pieces of equipment to make your hunting experience more memorable and valuable. You want to capture every moment while it lasts. One of these essentials you should always bring along with you is a trail camera.

It will help you capture images of animals or objects while you are away. Less effort on your part! The good news is that you don’t need to spend too many dollars to get one that will perfectly complement your individual preference and budget. With just $100, you can get the best product available in the market.

What is the best trail camera for under 100? Look through this list!

Quick Answer: Top 11 Trail Camera Under $100


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1.Stealth Cam G42 No-Glow Trail Camera STC-G42NG

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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  • Versatile

  • Lightweight
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Large memory card storage
  • Good battery life
  • Ideal both for expert and intermediate users

  • Recovery time is not that impressive

  • Inconsistent nighttime snaps

  • Higher power usage numbers

Very intuitive and easy to get started, fast trigger speed, improved recovery time, and power efficient. So, what’s not to love about Stealth Cam G42? Well, there are more incredible things to discover from this best-selling trail camera! Using it, you can fully enjoy clear and crisp images that capture high-quality photos whether night or day.

It can be able to click up to nine images in a burst mode as well as record HD videos for 5 to 180 seconds together with audio. You can use up to a supreme of 32 GB memory card. Get impressed with its 0.5 seconds trigger speed, and increased recovery time. The image resolution is set to 2 megapixels, 4 megapixels, 8 megapixels, or 8 megapixels.

2.Campark Trail Camera 14MP 1080P


11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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  • Robust, waterproof, and user-friendly

  • Excellent video and photo quality
  • No flash
  • The convenient USB connection port
  • Easy to use and install
  • Offers one year warranty

  • The camera is a bit sensitive

  • Might allow you to take several batteries

A great tool for home security and wildlife hunting, the Campark Trail Camera has a sturdy and waterproof design, fast trigger speed, and low power consumption. You can enjoy high-quality day and night image captures and videos. Features were leading IR technology and various functions. A good value for your money.

Boasting 44 pieces LEDs and infrared flash, hence, have an assurance that you won’t scare animals away. You can also get good shots at night as soon as the camera perceives the motion in twenty meters. Its waterproof design allows you to use it even in rough environments. Provides other modes or functions like Interval Recording, Timer, Real-time Replay, Hybrid Mode, Password Protection, and so much more.

3.Moultrie A-Series Game Camera

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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  • Provides clear photos

  • Fast trigger speed
  • Can capture images in two different resolutions of 4608X2592 and 1920X1080
  • Comes with a range of photo mode customization options
  • Has 32 flashlights
  • Good value
  • Long lifespan

  • May not work properly at low temperatures

  • The night flashes may give you some headache after some months of usage

Fancy a red glow trail camera that won’t cost you lots of bucks? Then, I must say the Moultrie A-Series Game Camera is perfect for you! What makes this product stand out among the rest is its ability to take clear images as well as 1280X720 video recordings. Up to 16,000 photos can be taken up. It is powered by 12 volts external battery pack and worked on 8 AA batteries that could last for six or seven months.

The trigger speed is not more than 0.7 seconds for capturing new movements. Use a Class 4 and above SD card along with 8 AA lithium batteries for better performance. Now, you won’t miss out any wildlife or hunting activity and capture notable moments with Moultrie A-Series Game Camera!

4.Bushnell 20MP Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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  • Portable and small

  • Impressive trigger speed
  • Precise nighttime shots
  • Includes bright night vision
  • Utilizes long-life battery

  • The setup menu is somewhat complicated, which may be challenging most especially for first timers

  • Pricing is now over $100 (updated September 2018)

Very impressive 0.5 seconds trigger speed, fast recovery time, and PIR sensor – these are just among the amazing features of Bushnell 20MP Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera that are sure to impress hunters. These greatly contribute to making your hunting a lot more enjoyable and comfortable. It eases the pain of losing the game whenever you set up the traps.

The perfect nighttime camera feed enables users to easily monitor their target both in the day and at night. Other features include 100 feet detection distance, stretchy memory up to 32 GB, back-lit buttons, 0.5 seconds lightning recovery rate, and quality night vision.

5.Victure Trail Game Camera 1080P 12MP

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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  • Take pictures without annoying noise

  • Can resist any heavy weather conditions
  • Internal and external power source ports
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • One year warranty

  • Low field of view mainly when taking nighttime pictures and videos

  • Very sensitive trigger

Whether it is for documenting wildlife hunting, observing animals, and moving objects or securing your house or office, the Victure Trail Camera offers great function. Quick trigger time, infrared technology, dimmed LEDs, high-quality resolution, and comprehensive applications are among the features it boasts of turning your dull hunting or wildlife venture into a memorable one.

There are multiple recording modes you can take advantage of such as timestamp, timer, time-lapse, interval recording, and others. As soon as the batteries of this camera are on their last legs, a notification will be delivered. This is a unique feature that other models lack. It can take up to 12 MP images and 1080ph HD video. From low-profile design to excellent features to dust-resistant housing and waterproof design, Victure Trail Camera could prove to be a good investment.

6.SOVACAM Trail Camera 16MP 1080P 2.4″ LCD

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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This is a high-quality and best value wildlife camera that can deliver you with more unexpected and bigger surprises. The infrared 46 pcs Night Vision Flash is one of the great features of this camera. This feature makes it possible for this camera to reach around 65 feet to provide you with excellent nighttime images with the right detail to determine individual bucks.

This camera also takes full colored images in 16 MP and 1080 HD video clips with quality sounds. The images feature temperature stamps, date and time. This product is packed with features that make this camera perfect for wildlife surveillance and monitoring, wild game track and observation, office, farm, and home security and environment and forestry research studies, protection and detection.

Just like other cameras out there, this product also has its own sets of pros and cons.

  • Higher resolution and full-color images captured

  • Double protection and user-friendly
  • Password needed, so your camera is guaranteed with double protection
  • Three modes available- video, photo and photo, and video. All come in a convenient and easy setting
  • Product backed with a 12-month warranty
  • This product comes with other accessories such as a mounting plate, fastening belt, AV cable, USB cable, nails, and user guide.

  • Battery not included

If you are a hunter and a wildlife enthusiast, the SOVACAM Trail Camera 16MP 1080P 2.4″ LCD is the perfect product for you. This is packed with great features that will guarantee you the perfect shots even in the wild. You need to place this camera where wildlife usually appears, set the mode and then switch on. This will turn into sleep mode if there is no motion detected. Just wait then for the surprises to appear.

The SOVACAM Trail Camera 16MP 1080P 2.4″ LCD is the best value product and a beneficial investment if you are into wildlife photography.

7.APEMAN Trail Camera 20MP 1080P

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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This trail camera is a highly functional and feature-rich hunting camera that guarantees more vivid night visions. Aside from being a wildlife camera, this is also a good product for nature and wild scouting and even home security.

This camera features a 20MP resolution and an automatic day and night sensor that ensures vivid and crisp pictures images. The high definition videos and images deliver the essential details that you need to stay on the appropriate track as you prepare for a hunt.

  • The APEMAN Trail Camera 20MP 1080P can capture images very clearly, and it can make you feel like you’re there seeing animals yourself

  • This unit comes with a set of wall mount for multiple uses and a strap as well, therefore, this trail camera can be utilized outdoors for scouting, game and home security
  • This camera has a waterproof design and a reliable and easy configuration that hunters can depend on
  • The camera also includes adjustable PIR Intervals and Sensitivity and IR Brightness making this ideal for any working setting or situation
  • Another benefit of this camera is the impressive faster trigger speed of central PIR sensor. Every detected movement will surely be captured in real time, and you’re guaranteed not to miss a single shot.
  • The instructional manual is included which is beneficial especially to first-time users

  • Doesn’t include SD card

If you are planning to invest on a high-quality trail camera, you will never regret investing on APEMAN Trail Camera 20MP 1080P. This is packed with modern features that will assure you of crisp and vivid pictures. This camera is also a valuable investment for the home since this can serve as a home security camera. APEMAN Trail Camera 20MP 1080P is the ultimate choice for the best trail camera.

8.Boly SG2060-K Trail Camera 25MP and 1080p

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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The Boly SG2060-K Trail Camera 25MP and 1080p is a cost-effective and functional version of trail camera that can capture crisp day or night photos as well as videos making use of more than 60 degrees field of view along with 90’ IR Flash Range that is invisible to the game.

This camera can be easily programmed to activate on motion or timed intervals within its 100 feet detection range.  This Boly SG2060-K Trail Camera captures 1080p videos and 25MP photos which can be viewed on built-in 2-inch TFT Display. The Boly SG2060-K Trail Camera also support about 64 GB SD/SDHC cards and give native support for external and solar power options and resistant to snow and water.

  • This camera is easy to set up

  • It can take crystal clear and crisp  videos and photos and can function good even at daytime
  • The Boly SG2060-K Trail Camera has excellent detection range and thus works even during cold weather
  • The quality of videos and pictures are amazing
  • You can easily set this up for fall hunting

  • Compatibility issues

If you want decent daytime photos and excellent night photos, Boly SG2060-K Trail Camera 25MP and 1080p is a product worth buying. This is packed with modern and innovative features that will undoubtedly give you overall positive user experience.

The strong points of Boly SG2060-K Trail Camera 25MP and 1080p outweighs the very minimal cons. You can never go wrong with this trail camera. Its features and performance are all impressive. That is why this product is continuously gaining positive reviews from numerous individuals who have already made their actual purchases and have experience using this trail camera first hand.

9.Owsen Trail Camera 16MP 1080P

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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The Owsen Trail Camera 16MP 1080P is a uniquely designed game, and hunting camera noted for its excellent high definition night shots. This 16MP 1080 MP motion-activated trail camera is ideal for finding wildlife animals like deer hunting, wildlife monitoring, and scouting and property surveillance.

  • This trail camera features 8 MP CMOS colorful sensors and can capture16MP photos and 1080 full high definition videos with quality audio when motions are detected. High quality details are also guaranteed during night and day.

  • With it’s Super Night Vision feature and the 0.2s motion-activated fast triggered speed also featuring 46 pcs LED lights trail camera makes this capable of taking videos and pictures even on dark spaces and places.
  • This trail camera is waterproof so you can use this even on the dusty and rainy environment. This cam will surely work under such circumstances. Expect pictures and videos to be clear and bright.
  • Multi-functions and reliable service are also benefits offered by this trail camera. This wildlife camera is fully equipped with extra functions such as overwrite function, property surveillance, time and temperature stamp, and password protection.
  • This camera is backed with a 12-month product warranty and 100% client satisfaction guarantee.
  • Low battery consumption and up to 1 year stand by.
  • 32 GB card and reader are included.

  • Batteries are not included

  • When the camera is connected into the computer, it will just read files and not record them

The Owsen Trail Camera 16MP 1080P was excellently designed to meet your needs for top quality and functional trail camera. This is one of the most excellent options available in the market today, so you should invest in this trail camera and take advantage of its reliable uses and enormous benefits. Since this is feature-rich and crafted from the finest materials, expect this trail camera to serve you for long years.

10.THZY Trail Camera Waterproof 16MP 1080P

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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This waterproof trail camera guarantees multiple functions that individuals can rely on. The features displayed modern features that contribute to achieving high definition resolution performance. The excellent features and the pros of THZY Trail Camera, Waterproof 16MP 1080P are what trigger more and more individuals to choose this trail camera over the others.

  • This trail camera supports 32G SD Card with a tree strap, wall mount, and a durable carry box.

  • The camera has multiple uses that you can take advantage of such as wildlife monitoring, scouting game, surveillance and home security
  • The THZY Trail Camera delivers high-definition resolution performance. The 16MP full HD videos and images will enable you to obtain excellent pictures and videos with superb contrast and unmatched clarity down to an incredible detail of wildlife during the day.
  • Animals won’t get scared with bright flashes while taking pictures because this camera has dimmed LED lights and unique Infrared Technology.
  • This also got good detection range ensuring that you can capture animals instantly each time they pass. This feature guarantees that you will not miss any actions.
  • The THZY Trail Camera is backed with 12-month product warranty and excellent service. You can contact the manufacturer if there are issues posed by the camera. Customer service team will give your professional after-sale assistance and service to you

  • Some have issues with the color of the product, but this is subject to personal preference of course. One might like the color of this trail camera while others do not.

Now is the best time to switch to the expertly designed and multifunction THZY Trail Camera. The impressive features and functions make this a number one choice among shoppers and trail camera enthusiasts. No wonder, this product is highly favored by those looking for great resolution and high definition outputs.  

11.TEC.BEAN Game Trail Hunting Camera

11 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2019

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This trail hunting camera is ideal for outdoor use. This is known for its industrial-grade shockproof, dustproof and anti-corrosive properties. Security passwords can also be set so that the camera cannot be used or videos and pictures cannot be accessed and viewed.

  • This camera emphasizes great range and photo quality. This gives you up about 12 megapixel of picture quality and about 90 seconds burst of 1080 high definition videos. With this camera, you can expect the best videos and photos taken.

  • The camera also delivers excellent performance even during night time. This is made possible by the 36 Infrared LED Setup when taking photos at night. These are non-grow infrared LEDs, so these are virtually undetectable by animals and humans.
  • This device got lower power consumption. With the patented and effective energy saving device on the lens, standby current can be low to 0.3 mA.
  • This comes with beneficial features of two-level protection. This comes with IP66 high-waterproof certified protecting your hunting camera from moist, sand, corrosions and sand and the password also provide another layer of protection.
  • One of the remarkable benefits of this trail camera is that this comes with built-in coding that helps in preventing theft.
  • This camera also has an industrial-grade plastic case for longer life. This gives you lots of confidence in a camera that is often exposed to elements most of the time. This also helps in keeping the camera moisture and fog free.

  • The user manual needs more improvement

  • No WiFi compatibility

The pros of this trail hunting camera still outweigh the cons. This simply means that TEC.BEAN Game Trail Hunting Camera is the best value product that will deliver outstanding functions and performance. Invest in this product and experience for yourself the TEC BEAN difference.

Feature to consider when buying under 100 dollars?

You can buy trail cam as cheap as possible but isn’t mean not buying a quality gear. Now even cheap trail cam It in a market that many brands come to market for products. So you should choose the best thing for you Even if buying at a cheap.

  • Picture/Video Quality – as under 100 dollars, You can get at least 1080p video quality. Some trail cam offer 8MP, 12MP even 16 mp
  • Storage – If you look at list above, trail camera under 100 should support micro-SD card. that is a standard support right now.
  • Detection Range – Because you should don’t miss beautiful thing when go hunting trips. A detection range is killer feature for trail cam. It should be far as possible. But some tip in installing trail cam can help you avoid missing moments.
  • Trigger Speed & Recovery Time – Wildlife are fast than we can expect. Buying some high trigger speed trail camera will help you get a lot of wildlife moment. and Recover time should not be slow. Both function need to be fast.
  • Material – Trail camera should build with material that can stand at last. Grade A plastic is available for more than 3 years and some build with stainless are still better choice.
  • Special Feature – Featured such as Wifi connection, LCD Viewing Screen, Glow & No-Glow Camera are some rarery to see in 1 trail cam. If you want it all you should looking for price more than 100 dollars.
  • Warranty – Warranty is something that guarantee how you spend are worthy. In this list overall can be return in 7 days and 12 month guarantee are plus offers.

Bottom Line

Make your hunting experience a lot more fun and thrilling with any of these best trail cameras. Each has excellent features that any hunter will surely appreciate – all while being friendly to your wallet!


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