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Every buyer should be wise when choosing a product to buy. It is also necessary if you are looking for a hunting tool. One must-have is the trail camera because hunting experience is not complete without it. However, you have to consider some factors for you to have an enjoyable activity. Before you shop, make sure that you have these tips handy!

Before you buy: Things to consider when purchasing trail camera bundle


Remember that there are trail cameras that function more than a hunting tool. Most of them are also the best to use as home security equipment. Also, you have to determine if you only need it for scouting. If so, you can have one that can determine the size, gender, and the number of animals wandering in the area.

Photo quality

One of the most vital things to find is the megapixel of the camera. It determines the sharpness of the photo. If you will use it for outdoor photography, it is recommended for you to get one with higher megapixel to produce a high-quality picture.

Consider the burst mode as well so you can take multiple images quickly no matter how fast the animal move. You may choose a camera that has already a burst number set up, or one which you can customize the number of shots. Time and date stamps are equally as essential as the other aspects. It helps you when it is the best time to hunt and more critical when the camera functions as home security.


Some trail cameras added an audio feature so you can also listen to the sounds made by the animals. The music is also a necessity when you are going to use it as home security. Just like the photo, the quality of the video is also vital. A higher resolution can give you sharper images.

The length of the video produced by different models also vary. It can range from three to 300 hundred seconds so you must also check this aspect. Some higher-end models can take photos and videos at one trigger.

Trigger speed

This feature determines the rate that a camera can capture an image as soon as it detects a movement. Since some animals move swiftly, it is better to choose one with a faster trigger speed. You must also consider the recovery time. It the period it takes for the camera to cool down before taking another shot. That means that the longer the recovery period, the higher is the chance that you’ll miss the snapshots of your object.

Low-glow vs. no-glow

Both of these features are useful when you are going to use your camera at night time. These two produce black and white nighttime pictures. No-glow is preferable because you can capture images without creating a visible light so the object won’t notice it.


It is crucial to find out if the camera is energy-efficient if you are a hunter who wants to spend more extended periods on the wild. Make sure that the battery will last until you are fully satisfied with your photos or videos.

What’s included in the bundle

Take note that some trail cameras do not have SD card and batteries included on it. It means that you need to have a different budget for these extras since you need to purchase them separately.


Make sure that the trail camera bundle that you are going to purchase does not only contain the features you need, but it should be budget-friendly, too. Many products that offer high-end results may be affordable. Check out the following trail camera bundles if you need a low-cost tool while getting the features you need.

Quick Answer: Best Deals on Trail Camera Bundle in 2019

  1. Stealth Cam G45NG + AA Battery 24 PK + 32GB SD Card 14MP Pictures HD Video w/ Audio
  2. Bestok Trail Game with 8G SD Card
  3. Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16 Ready to Scout Package
  4. Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Game Camera Complete Package (18MP) BTC5HDP
  5. Apeman Trail Camera 20MP 1080P

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Stealth Cam G45NG + AA Battery 24 PK + 32GB SD Card 14MP Pictures HD Video w/ Audio

Best Deals on Trail Camera Bundle
Stealth Cam G45NG + AA Battery 24 PK + 32GB SD Card 14MP

Check Price & Buy Now on

If you are familiar with the cost of batteries and SD card, you can say that this Stealth CAM trail camera bundle is cheaper to get. The high-quality batteries and more storage may be expensive when you buy them separately. With this offer, you can already have 1 24 PK AA batteries and a 32GB SD Card together with the Stealth Cam.

Other features that you might not find from the other models are GEO-tag GPS tagging and USB output. It is also perfect for nighttime hunting due to its no-glow Infrared Emitters that lets you take photos without getting noticed by the object.

Bestok Trail Game Hunting Camera 12 MP HD 120 Degrees 2.4” LCD Wildlife Camera Monitoring Outdoor with 8G SD Card

Best Deals on Trail Camera Bundle
Bestok Trail Game Hunting Camera 12 MP HD 120 Degrees 2.4” LCD with 8G SD Card

Check Price & Buy Now on

Included in this bundle are a Bestok trail camera, an 8GB SD card, 1 USB power cable, and 1 TV cable. It is not only a great value due to these add-ons, but it is also perfect for home security. The trigger speed is one second and uses the Germany Hyman infrared sensor technology that allows it to respond quickly when it detects motion.

Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16” Ready to Scout Package

Best Deals on Trail Camera Bundle
Wildgame Innovations Mirage 16” Trail Camera with Batteries & SD Card, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Ready to Scout Package

Check Price & Buy Now on

You will surely enjoy using this Wildgame Innovations Mirage due to its quality features. The package includes 8GB SD card, batteries, and an adjustable mounting strap which is an excellent value for money. Due to its 720HD video, ½ second trigger speed, 8 ft. detection range, and 36 piece IR LEDs, it will surely bring your hunting game to the next level.

Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Game Camera Complete Package (18MP) BTC5HDP

Best Deals on Trail Camera Bundle
Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Game Camera Complete Package

Check Price & Buy Now on

Browning is one of the manufacturers of high-end cameras, and this one is worth buying. Included in the package are some essential add-ons like the 12-volt external battery pack, AA batteries, and 16GB SD card. These extras allow you to take photos as much as you want.

As a bonus, the high-performance camera features a 0.3-second trigger speed and 18MP resolution for photo quality. You don’t even have to hook it on a computer to watch the action instantly because it has a 1.5-inch viewer screen that allows you to do it.

Apeman Trail Camera 20MP 1080P Hunting Camera 40pcs IR LEDs Game Camera for Crisp Night Shot & Vision up to 65ft IP66 Waterproof Design Wildlife Camera for Wildlife Hunting and Home Security

Best Deals on Trail Camera Bundle
Apeman Trail Camera 20MP 1080P

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Suitable for both wildlife hunting and home security, the Apeman trail camera is a reliable tool with a lot of useful features. You will get a USB cable, wall mount, and a mounting belt in the package. You don’t have to worry about placing it in a public place because a password can protect it.

The fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds enables it to detect movement instantly. Also, it is perfect to outdoors and harsh conditions because of its IP66 waterproof construction. You can also operate it through an external power supply for more reliability.

Looking for a reliable tool may not be easy, but if you know the features and functionality that you need, you will surely find a valuable tool regardless of your purpose. You don’t even have to be ripped off when you want to follow your hobby or secure your home. A camera trail with add-ons included on the package is one great way to meet your satisfaction!


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