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Hummocks are an easy and fun way of enjoying nature while on a camping trip. It’s the small and lightweight and great way to take a nap outdoors. However, not all hummocks are the same and getting the right one can have the huge impact on its durability and longevity.

Here, you can find the best camping hammock for your next outdoor trip. Check out these best camping hammock reviews and discover how these accessories can make your next camping trip a great experience. There’s also a thorough hammock buying guide that features that most important things you should be looking for to get the best value of your money.

Best Camping Hammock
Best Camping Hammock

How to Choose the Best Camping Hammock

As you go over the best camping hammock reviews you will discover that there are wide varieties available and it can be a challenging task to choose the one that suits your purpose. It can be very tempting to go for the cheapest option if you’re tight on a budget but doing this can potentially ruin your trip. Here are the main things you need to look to get the best hammock for your camping trip.


The size of the hammock is the first thing you should consider. Its size must be ideal for your body. Meaning, you have to make sure that you can fit comfortably inside it. Just note that the larger the hammock is, the heavier it is and hard to carry around. Therefore, you have to choose larger yet lightweight models.


The style or type the hammock will depend on your needs. Here are the different styles of hammocks that you can choose from.

  • Spreader Bar – Spreader bar hammocks are not really ideal for camping. They are designed for home use. They feature wooden and metal bases that allow for easy setup. The spreader hammocks are huge and heavy to carry around for long trips. Although it can be tempting to buy this one, it’s not really recommended for outdoor trips.
  • Jungle Hammocks – This is one of the best camping hammocks. As the name suggests, its popular for use in the jungle as they can be tried on trees using the ropes. Many models of jungle hammocks offer stability and ropes are designed to prevent water from getting inside the hammock. It’s made with durable material so the surface can keep fungus, insects, and other dangerous crawlers out of the hammock.
  • Naval Hammocks – These hammocks are made from cotton but highly durable that allow them to take heavy duty use. The cotton material is warm and can keep you comfortable in the middle of the woods.
  • Brazilian Hammock – Like the naval hammocks, the Brazilian hammocks are made with cotton fabrics and warm in the inside. This hammock is great for cooler climates as it does not have enough ventilation.
  • Camping or Travel Hammocks – Camping hammocks can be found almost anywhere from online stores to brick and mortar stores. Hammocks for camping are usually made from nylon materials and offer great comfort. Some models are lightweight and others are about two pounds in weight. Some even have versatile features where you can attach a mosquito net.

Moisture Resistance

Look for camping hammocks with high moisture resistance. The woods is frequently wet and the weather can change suddenly. Nylon is great, but refrain camping hammocks made from cotton as they can be very troublesome in wet weather conditions.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is another great feature of the best camping hammock. Many people prefer a durable hammock for a single person. However, when two people get inside the hammock, it tears apart. Although your purpose is to have a single person inside a hammock, it still better if it can carry heavy weight. The best camping hammock should be able to carry between 400Lbs to 500Lbs.

Set Up

The hammock set up is also very important. In the jungle, you have to set up the hammock quickly or it’s not worth it. In addition, refrain from choosing models with too many ropes as they can be very complex to set up.


Now that you’re able to identify the things you should be looking for the best hammock and the different kinds of hammocks available, you should be able to choose the one that will fit your needs. However, before you go over the best camping hammock reviews, you need to weigh your options and your needs. Consider if the hammock you will buy will fit your needs and your budget. It’s not necessary to go buy hammocks with features you don’t need.

In addition, the weight of the hammock itself will have a huge impact on your next camping trip. Choose something that is lightweight yet durable enough. This way, you can enjoy on your next camping trip without carrying a heavy hammock.



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