Best Batteries for Trail Camera

Best Batteries for Trail Camera

Over the past few years, trail cameras have been an in-demand home security addition. Originally, they have been used for hunting and theft detection. Now, things have changed. They are incorporated into SMART homes. With their benefits, it’s no wonder why many folks take them into account.

Due to the popularity of such cameras, the industry has become a place for unreliable products. So, what makes a brand high-quality? Well, some may consider those with aesthetic appeal. A lot of homeowners believe that the ones with unique and special look are the best. But it’s not like that in reality. The products that have superb features should be added to your cart.


Aside from the videos in High Definition, lighting fast performance, and wind-proof feature, trail cameras should have an excellent battery. Not only will this help you experience a functional performance, but this will also help you avoid costly replacement. With different kinds of batteries out there, which is the one that suits your needs? Keep reading for further details.

Main Types of Batteries

  • Lithium Batteries

The most popular option is lithium battery. It offers some of the most interesting benefits in the industry. It produces 1.6 volts/cell, meaning it has a stronger flash with bright and clear pictures. It increases the amount of time your trail camera can stay functional. In fact, it lasts for multiple months, saving your money.

With its strong chemical makeup, it is not affected by cold weather. If the temperature gets colder, this won’t give you a hassle. It can withstand the extreme temperature, protecting your house all year long. It is also substantially lighter than the larger “C” cells. But it is quite expensive. It can probably make a dent in your savings account. Choose other alternatives.

  • Alkaline Batteries

Another type is alkaline battery. Just like the lithium one, it is widely available. But it is quite affordable. Of course, you have heard that this battery comes with a power level of volt. Unfortunately, it decreases the power as soon as it’s inserted in the camera.

As days goes on, its voltage level decreases proportionally. This change in performance is evident in night photos. Those photographs taken early in the life cycle of the battery are well-illuminated and bright.


Best AA Batteries for Trail Cameras

Now that you know the types of trail cameras. It’s about time to take a close look at the best option on the market. This will not only save your time, but it will also help you avoid a long shopping process.


  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Battery – L91
Best Batteries for Trail Camera
Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Battery


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If you’re searching for the best trail camera that can last a few years, this brand is the way to go. This is the top-notch choice of seasoned hunters and meticulous homeowners who don’t want to change their batteries over and over again.

Compared to other cold-weather trail camera batteries, you can get quality snaps and long life. It is highly rated, too. You don’t need to go outside the house to change its battery. While you’re protected, you are in control. This means you know whether there are intruders around your place.

However, there are no such things as perfect products. The L91 is costlier than other options in this list. You can buy in bulk to save some cash and avoid going to malls.


  • Energizer Industrial Alkaline AA Battery – EN91
Best Batteries for Trail Camera
Energizer EN91 Industrial Alkaline Batteries, AA


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Specially tailored for digital cameras? Flexible in temperature extremes? Then, you have come to the right place. This Energizer Industrial Alkaline AA –EN91 was designed for digital cameras and LED lights. It is also perfect for cold temperature up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from L91, it is an amazing option you shouldn’t miss.

Nothing can beat the L91 for its durability and longevity. Whether you live in Wisconsin or other cities with colder climates, the night-time temps may greatly affect the EN91’s rating. Don’t worry! For milder climates, this is more than effective of doing its job on cool evenings.

  • Energizer MAX AA Alkaline Battery – E91
Best Batteries for Trail Camera
Energizer AA Max Alkaline E91 Batteries Made in USA


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A battery like this product is a solid option for cold weather. Just like the others, it is specially designed for extreme temperature. As the climate changes, you can feel at ease and have a great night. If you have digital cameras, this is not right for you. Well, it cannot beat the two batteries in this list. Still, it’s one of the best solutions on the market.

But wait, there’s more! It lasts for months. While you can avoid expensive replacement, you can enjoy functional and flexible performance all seasons long. Give this a try and transform your place into a SMART home. Nothing is more exciting than a secure and camera-packed residential property.


  • Browning Trail Camera AA Alkaline Batteries
Best Batteries for Trail Camera
Browning Trail Camera AA Alkaline


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Another battery to try is from Browning. As with other choices, this is specially designed for use in trail cameras. Since availability, it has been gaining popularity because of its high performance at a reasonable price. It guarantees the best function when used with a trail camera from the manufacturer.

Every pack has 8 AA batteries for different uses. Yes, this can be costly, so buy in bulk to acquire huge savings. Despite the expensive price, it is worth the cost. It performs beyond your high expectations and specific requirements. Whether you want to spend your money or effort on a quality brand, this is the option you cannot afford to miss.


Other Effective Tips to Find a Quality Battery

Finding a quality battery can be your biggest concern. Don’t lose hope. An excellent battery can last within a long span of time. Despite the weather condition, it remains functionally impressive. Whether its winter or summer, it stays flexible.

Apart from that, direct your attention to seasoned manufacturers in the industry. Choose the one that has the experience and knowledge. Not only do they have world-class people, but they also have high-end technology to count on and trust throughout the years. Shop now and have an inefficient battery replaced with an excellent solution.

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